In the E-channel entertainment show ‘Playing Sister’, broadcast on the 5th, soccer players Seul-gi Jang and Lee Min-ah were together as guests.

Those who finished light training on the broadcast that day held a 4 vs 4 soccer match. Han Yoo-mi, Park Se-ri, and Kwak Min-jung were selected as the Lee Min-ah team, and Nam Hyun-hee, Kim On-ah, and Jung Yu-in were selected as Jang Seul-gi’s team. During the fierce confrontation, Seulgi’s team went ahead with three goals in succession. The match was 5-3, which was Seulgi’s victory. Afterwards, they enjoyed training snacks with cup noodles and gimbap.

While enjoying snacks, Jung Yoo-in asked, “Is women’s football popular?” Lee Min-ah said, “(compared to men’s soccer) it falls a lot. It was the most popular in 2010.” In an interview, Lee Min-ah said, “There are cases where players can’t draft because a lot of unemployed teams have disappeared. There are a lot less than men’s teams. Because there are only eight teams, players can’t come up.”

Next, Ona Kim asked, “Isn’t there a time when I swear while playing games?” Jung Yoo-in said, “Minah is a bread mania. A bread mania in the soccer world.” Lee Min-ah said, “When I play the game a little bit hard. I’ve been caught big once.” Kwak Min-jung said, “Aren’t the players who run, don’t know if they can get their faces? That’s why it seems more like that”

Afterwards, the team went grocery shopping together and chatted. Lee Min-ah said that she was a fan of Kim Yeon-kyung, so she saw a lot of Gyeonggi-do where Han Yu-mi commented. Han Yu-mi said about the popularity of volleyball, “This is thanks to Yeon-kyung. Because Yeon-kyung played an active part in the Olympics and went out to entertainment and was funny, people took a lot of interest.” Kwak Min-jung said, “We also have a different level of interest because Sanghwa’s sister was on the air.” Se-ri Park said, “It is important that a lot of female players appear on the broadcast.”

After everyone came home, they made rice cake dumpling soup together for dinner. While eating the finished rice cake dumplings, Se-ri Park asked, “Did Min-a and Seul-gi go to North Korea?” The two went to North Korea to get tickets for the World Cup qualifiers. When asked about the atmosphere of the game, Lee Min-ah said, “It was a fight. The crowd was 50,000. It is quiet when we score a goal. He also told us not to overdo the ceremony.”

When asked about the fight situation, Lee Min-ah added, “Our team blocked the penalty kick situation. But Mak tackled the ball to hurt her sister. So other friends quarreled and quarreled because of anger,” he added. Kim On-ah said, “We are close to the North Korean team. We ask you to let us know because the difference in skill is big.”

Seulgi Jang said of North Korean food, “It was so delicious. Something like herbs was very clean.” Lee Min-ah said, “At first, I went because it was curious, but it was scary when I went. In addition, Seulgi Jang said, “I also monitor. There were also talks about eavesdropping while in the room. Following this, Lee Min-ah said, “There has been a story about eavesdropping. I talked with a colleague about the absence of towels in the room, and three minutes later, I brought them to me.”

When asked about his goals for 2021, Jang Seul-gi said, “I want to compete in the Olympics by winning the game against China in February.” Lee Min-ah said, “There were some injuries. I want to not get hurt in the future. I want to become a more advanced player.”

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