Yoon Hee-hee has appeared as a guest on MBC Everlon Entertainment Program ‘Video Star’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 25th.

He changed a lot of things in the home shopping industry. “Right now, the show hosts are pretty much on the air, but in the past I did not show them to the show host.” It was only sold products and show host’s hand.

“I always received nail care because my hands came out, but my nails broke before the broadcast, and I could not get to the nail shop in a long distance.” “At the meeting time, the boss asked me if I had any suggestions. I wish I would, “he explained.

In the end, he suggested that the company would support nail care. Yoonhee said, “I saw that G company started at that time and other companies were done.”

It also said that all of the show hosts’ desks were removed, and that the rival monitor images were displayed on the studio walls.

Yu said, “At the beginning of the show host, I went to the department store with my juniors, and the manager said,” Why are not everyone sitting at the desk? “The show host should study the trend by walking around. So I removed everything. “

Also, he suggested, “I would like to have a competitor monitor on the wall of the studio.” He told me that I need to know the sales situation of the competitors so that the sales will be increased.

Yoon Hee-hee is also self-proud that he achieved many “firsts” in the home shopping industry. He said, “Home shopping started in 1995, and sales were about 5 million won per hour, and I was surprised to know that I sold 100 million meals per hour in 1996.”

“The next year, I sold 700 million in two hours, the first time in the early 2000s, I had 10 billion sales in one hour, it was home appliances, and the first thing I did was a lot,” he added.

Especially, he released the episode that left the legendary wisdom. Yoonhee, who raised heat on the bowl sale, threw the plate during live broadcast. It was to prove rigidity.

Yoon said, “I threw the plate a little and it did not break,” Koh said, and the PD said he wanted to continue throwing it, but he threw the bowl and collided with each other. Everyone was in shock.

Yuanhei, who was wearing the ring at the time, said that she had come up with the knowledge gained from studying jewelry. He remained calm. ‘Cutting all the jewels is a diamond. Diamond is also cut with diamonds. It breaks when strong things meet. This vessel is so strong. Like diamonds. You should be careful not to hit them together. “

Yoonhee said, “At that time, Cole 1 came up, and I eventually settled on 2500 sets. I experienced a brief moment of hell,” he said, “I thought the show host should always be ready.”

On the other hand, ‘Video Star’ attracted attention by appearing as a guest in the video star, including Yoon Hee-hee, show hosts Dong-ji Hyun, Lee Min-woong

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