This is because it was revealed through the criticism of the director of the Korean Institute of Egyptology, who participated as an advisor to the program, not by anyone else, that the second episode of’Cleopatra’ broadcasted incorrect knowledge about the related history.

Accordingly, the production crew presented a position containing the contents of apology, saying that there were some errors in the process of researching vast ancient history data, and Seol Min-seok also showed reflection that it was a problem caused by lack or lack of himself. However, as this situation was not the first to occur for him, some pointed out that he majored in theater and film chemistry, not history, and raises questions about whether it is correct to be called a’grand master’ of history, and the quality itself.

In fact, it doesn’t matter which major Seol Min-seok majored. Even if the subject of humanities is the subject, if it is a broadcast program in which interest is prioritized for the public, it is more appropriate as long as you have a deep knowledge of the related disciplines, easier to understand, and the ability to deliver fun. This is because what the public who chooses the program wants is just this amount of information that can be obtained easily by sitting or lying down.

Is there any other person who is optimized for this as well as Seol Min-seok? Since I have been giving lectures on Korean history for a long time to students preparing for the math proficiency test, they must have filled with historical knowledge that is essential to know, and not everyone becomes a popular instructor. Not only his teaching method, but also his speech is excellent, which is an achievement that follows. It has all the qualities that the public wants in broadcasting programs and in broadcasting.

Adequate professionalism, just good to learn through broadcast. Thanks to this, Seol Min-suk and several instructors have been in a position comparable to celebrities. The problem is that they often overlooked this’proper’ by themselves or by programs that use them, and showed unreasonable steps, so they were able to learn about their existing expertise. That is, there are cases where even trust is undermined. It is natural that distortions and errors occur as we try to quickly draw out information beyond what can be done.

Humanities, fundamental problems related to humans, ideology, culture, etc. can be acquired as an attribute of the academic ground. Will I be able to step on that fringe if I get to know with my whole life? Our learning attitude, which we wanted to learn and obtain even these things quickly, simply and easily, produced instructors like Seol Min-seok, so maybe the current situation was planned from the beginning.

Of course, there is no denying the virtuous cycle effect that their existence has brought about by serving as a receptionist. It is because more people than before can access history with a more familiar interest through Seol Min-seok. However, for that reason, more sincere efforts are made so as not to make the mistake of being aware of one’s own competence and the role that accompanies it, and not making the mistake of bringing a shallow gaze to deep knowledge or conveying incomplete information as if it were intact. You have to get drunk. This is also a sense of responsibility that must be held as a star instructor who lives with people’s trust.

Otherwise, the problems of distortion and errors that will destroy the public’s belief will continue to repeat. Even in the lecture’Why Queen Seondeok Comes Out of the Labor Song’ posted on his personal broadcast, it is clear that he did not read a single original document from a critic in the field by talking about jazz and Rhythm and Blues (R&B) completely different from the actual history. As if there was a situation where people lived with a strong frown saying that it was like spreading false information.

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