Profanity in entertainment programs that were rarely seen in the past is gradually increasing. The problem is that even the level of swearword that will make you frown appears on the screen without addition or subtraction.

In tvN’Shinseo Yugi 8′, which aired on December 4th, members visit Chujado, hang out for lunch, and have a mission with the production crew.

On the broadcast that day, a set of natural stone octopus was released as a meal. The production crew gave the members an opportunity to taste. The members played a game of rock, paper, scissors, and paper for a’bite’. The members rebelled when Eun Ji-won, who had not been able to taste the food because he kept losing on Rock Paper Scissors, tried to use the privilege of Sowon Kwon. Eun Ji-won, angry at this, said, “Whenever I write a wish, do it for the team, and then, “XXX, Ji-deon, XXX.”

The image that would have been edited if it had been before is now broadcast without filtering after processing’beep’. In this scene, Eun Ji-won’s unfair appearance overlapped and created laughter. Therefore, the production crew would have decided that there would be no problem and sent the broadcast.

In fact, Eun Ji-won’s swear words are at a level that she can lightly laugh over. However, in JTBC’s’I can’t be No. 1′, high-level profanity was spread without editing and controversy. In the broadcast on May 20th, Peng Hyun-sook shouted to Choi Yang-rak, who was complaining, saying,’Mi x Human Child’ and’Byeong x Ah. Of course, there is a part that Choi Yang-rak, who nagged the meal Peng Hyeon-sook carefully prepared, did not do well. However, the curse Peng Hyeon-suk spit is not at the level to listen to. Peng Hyeon-suk apologized for the scene after the broadcast.

The crew’s intention is understandable. He would have tried to show a dramatic look that’a couple lives like this. However, it is not overpaid. A family who should live with respect for each other can instill the feeling that’if someone has done something wrong, you can swear this way.’

The same is true of SBS’ representative entertainment program’Running Man’. In’Running Man’, which has been going on for 11 years, the performers are showing off amazing chemistry to the point that they call each other’family’. However, it is often seen that the members swear at each other while advocating’family’.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t broadcast profanity at all. However, you shouldn’t often consume profanity as a laugh code. This can have a negative impact on growing youth. ‘New Seo Yugi”Can’t Be No. 1”Running Man’ is a program loved by both men and women of all ages. Therefore, it is necessary to be more responsible and avoid profanity.

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