A special press release “HEART”, the 20th anniversary of the debut of the group Shinhwa, was held on August 28 at the Amoris Hall in Times Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

This special album is even more reminiscent of the album that commemorated the 20th anniversary of my debut, which debuted in 1998. The current progressive idol myth has been stylish and trendy, creating a high-quality album.

Eric said, “I made my debut 20 years ago and it’s finally my 20th anniversary, and I am very thankful to all the people who have worked with my fans and members.” “I am still grateful that I can come back with a good album and stage and show it to you, and I am proud of my members.”

Shin Hye Sung commented on the album ‘HEART’, saying, “It does not stop like the beating heart, but it means that the myth continues.” “20 years later, I have had a lot of questions, and what does myth mean?” The answer was a heart, and 20 years later, I am still excited and thrilled when I stand on stage or meet fans. I think, “he said.

The title song ‘Kiss Me Like That’ is a dance song in harmony with the lyrics and the acoustic performance of the two men and women.

Lee Min-woo has been working on the title track ‘Kiss Me Like That’, “All the singers seem to be so careful when choosing a title song, and Shinhwa cannot miss the performance, “I chose it because I thought it would be better if I could perform a performance that could only be interpreted and digested by Shinhwa.” “When I received a demo song, I felt more affection for the song by recording, choreography, music video and more.”

Lee Min Woo said, “Our new song will be released today and the special album will be released. Thank you fans for your patience, I will start with the music broadcasts, I will start this week and start the first day on Thursday. I hope that you will be able to come out as many as possible to the music broadcasts and I hope you will cheer me a lot. Good results, but I hope there will always be more fun than that.

Jincheon said, “I will be doing an overseas tour on October 6th and 7th in Seoul and on October 13th in Taiwan. I would like to have a lot of excitement.

Eric said, “For fans who have been together for 20 years,” I think people who have been cheering us are here and there, so I think that is my true myth. I can continue to show good music and stage. ”

Eric said, “I feel like I’m in the 10th anniversary, the 15th anniversary, and the 20th anniversary of my company, which is a big job, it’s the 20th anniversary.” But I think I’m just going to flow, it’s just a number. “It will be over in a few years, so this moment is not more precious, but it seems to be a number that is still piling up.” Of course, it is a precious year for the fans and it is a festival.

Lee Min-woo, “Twenty-year-old birthday, many congratulate me, I have been together for 20 years, and I thank all of the members and I want to meet even if I am born again. It seems to be a mythical moment as a wonderful name, but it seems that time has passed and six of them still have thirsty left, I do not seem to be able to give up the stage and the song I want to keep showing. It seems, “he said.

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