The actor Shinsegyeong began filming a companion picture with renowned novelist Bernard Berber in Korea.

An official of the broadcasting company said on July 7, “Shin Se Kyung and Bernard Berber have recently taken a magazine photo shoot”.

Shin Se Kyung is well known as a fan of Bernard Berber. Last year, during the filming of TVN ‘Borderless Carrier’ Paris, Bernard Berber sent a message to the Bernese Berbers on SNS with the message ‘Panic’, and Bernard Berber, who responded to the message of Shin Se Kyung,

Two people in Paris were filmed together in the reunion in Korea. After that, Shin Kyung-kyung also revealed himself to Bernard Berber in his instagram on the 6th.

Berner Berber, well known as the author of ‘ant’ and ‘brain’, recently visited Korea to commemorate the publication of his new feature novel ‘Death’. On the 5th, he had a press conference at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul to introduce his new work.

It is noteworthy how Shin Se Kyung and Bernard Berber, who became successful ‘Deok-fa’, will show charm in the picture.

Meanwhile, Shin Kyung Kyung is in the midst of filming the role of Kwha Hae-ryeon, starring the new MBC drama “Kwak Hae-Seong”, scheduled to air in July.

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