Seungri’s best friend attended the military trial of Seungri (real name Seung-Hyeon Lee, 30) from the group Big Bang, and Seungri even went to the witness newspaper.

On the morning of the 9th, the fourth trial of victory was held at the General Military Court of the Yongin Ground Operations Command in Gyeonggi Province.

There are eight charges applied to Seungri, including violation of the Act on Special Cases concerning Prostitution Arrangement, Prostitution, and Punishment for Sexual Violence Crimes, Frequent gambling, violation of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act, violation of the Food Sanitation Act, embezzlement in business, and embezzlement of violations of the Act on severe punishment for specific economic crimes.

The judiciary is currently conducting a witness newspaper, divided into three parts because of the many suspicions that Seungri is receiving. The day was related to allegations of violation of the Act on Special Cases concerning prostitution mediation, prostitution, and punishment for sexual violence crimes.

As a witness, Mr. A, a member of the so-called’Seungri KakaoTalk’ and his best friend, was present. On this day, Mr. A acknowledged that he guided the prostitutes to the Japanese party, but stated that it was “Yoo In-seok’s instruction” and denied whether Seungri’s involvement was denied.

In particular, on this day, Seungri drew attention by asking the court for an opportunity to examine Mr. A, his best friend and witness, through a lawyer.

Seungri, who was given a newspaper opportunity, said to his best friend A, “I’m a close friend for 10 years, and I’m sorry to see you at this place.” He also said, “You made me pretty.”

Following Seungri, he discussed his incidents and controversy processes that erupted after the Club Burning Sun incident began, and then commented on the intensity of pressure he felt during the police investigation.

Then, Seungri asked Mr. A why he failed to make a strong request for revision to the police even if the police record was written differently from the purpose of Mr. A’s statement during the police investigation.

This was related to the fact that Mr. A expressed the emotional pressure he had received during the police investigation throughout the Witness newspaper on the day, and argued that some of the contents of the police record were different from his purpose.

Upon receiving the question of Seungri, Mr. A discussed other charges he was facing at the time of the police investigation and said, “I am sorry for the defendant (Victory), but the psychological pressure (for other charges) is high, so other cases (the allegations of triumphant prostitution, etc.) are detailed. I couldn’t even care about it,” he said.

On the other hand, Seungri started a trial on this day, and when the judge asked if there was any change in the recognition matters, he directly announced that he was promoted from private to corporal.

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