Five medical motives were portrayed in the TVN Thursday TV drama ‘Wiseful Doctor Life’.

On this day, Professor Min Kyu-min was fully aware of PD, a broadcaster who came to shoot himself. Prof. Min, who was in a warm circle, apologized to the guardian of the patient who protested and sent a meaningful glance. Soon Min, who soon found Yong Seok-min, became angry and shouted, “Are you still a doctor? If a patient is not good enough, will you be responsible?” Yongseokmin said, “Isn’t your professor’s order?”

Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) told her mother that an officer was cheating on her mother and headed home. Chae Song-hwa, who delivered the news with a grave message, said, “I broke up with an officer. I confessed that he had an affair by chasing my lab. Another woman was born. I can meet another man.” Yi Joon-joon (Cho Jung-seok), who took care of his son Yooseong’s morning, wore a cycle outfit and found Chae Song-hwa. When Lee Jun-joon admired, saying, “You are very good to speak,” Chae Song-hwa said, “Is it a different band vocal?”

Yang Suk-hyung (Dae Myung Kim) and Joon-Wan Kim (Kyung-Ho Jeong) were struck by coffee. Kim Joon-wan, who started work in earnest, was reluctant to junior. The junior said to the patient who was sorry, “I was wrong and I was broken” and headed to the office.

Professor Min started a briefing ahead of the big surgery. While other doctors were at great risk, Professor Min said, “What will you say in the media that you will notice right away?” “It seems to be because everyone didn’t have much experience, but I’ve had a lot of surgeries in the meantime and the prognosis wasn’t bad,” he said confidently.

Yongsukmin didn’t even know it was morning and met the patients and went to the clinic. Yong Seok-min nicknamed Chae Song-wha as ‘ghost’. Chae Song-hwa moved around her feet and smiled, saying, “Who made it. Yong-suk Yong?

Profit Lee Jun-wool gave a humidifier to Jang Winter (Shin Hyun-bin), and tried to buy it. Despite the interruption of a fellow doctor, Ik-jun was delighted by Jang Winter’s words to help herself, saying, “Are you going to come in for my surgery?” Prof. Lee Jun-joon said, “Please pick me up next time.”

Lee Jun-joon went out to serve on behalf of the cafeteria staff who suddenly happened. Prof. Lee Jun-joon greeted Vaughn and trainees with a meal. The hospital director was no exception. Prof. Ik-jun Lee said, “You shouldn’t give kids a lot of sausages in the future.”

A sudden emergency. “I was more likely to live with chest pressure,” said Jang Winter, who conveyed reality to the guardian calmly. Ahn Jung-won sang coldly in the winter, and said to the patient’s guardian, “There is still hope.”

Ahn Jung-won said, “How can I tell the guilt that a child’s mother will have it?”, But Jang Winter said, “Isn’t it a fact? I’m sorry, “he apologized. Ahn Jung-won said, “Why don’t doctors speak vaguely? Doctors should take responsibility for words. Because you have to be careful with words. There is only one thing doctors can say to patients. ‘I will do my best.’ “No,” he said.

Yoon Seok-min asked Chae Song-hwa to do the surgery instead of Professor Min. Chae Song-hwa said, “Isn’t Professor Min saying that I will do it?” Chae Song-hwa said, “You should do it.” Eventually, Chae Song-hwa stepped back to Prof. Min, saying that she would look at Eosi.

Chae Song-hwa advised Yun Seok-min, “I apologize to the patient. I can’t come to the operating room before that.” Yoon Seok-min apologized to the patient by bowing her back, which was intended to save the patient before surgery, but hurt the patient with severe words. However, Chae Song-hwa knew the meaning of Yoon Seok-min. Chae Song-hwa, who gave himself the help of Professor Min in order to save the patient despite knowing the heart of Yun Seok-min, said, “It’s because of your thesis. Eventually, Yun Seok-min looked for the patient in front of the surgery and bowed her head and crossed the apology.

The friends gathered together and headed for Kalguksu. Friends gave advice to Chae Song-hwa, who had to bring Professor Min’s surgery. Chae Song-hwa said to Jun-Wan Kim, “Why didn’t you talk about my X in advance, like that fact?” Kim Joon-wan argued with Chae Song-hwa and Ahn Jung-won, saying, “How am I talking?” The way home. Chae Song-hwa replied, “I understand”, in response to Kim Jun-wan’s “Is it really sad?”

Kim Jun-wan was embarrassed when a patient who had had surgery in the past brought an insurance certificate. Yang Suk-hyung said to the mother’s question, “Should I raise my baby with BTS or blackpink?”

Despite the frostbite, Jang Winter became a patient with a rotten leg while working at a construction site. Anxious about the cold winter, Ahn Jung-won ran to the patient along the way, but looked at the winter, which carefully removed the maggots attached to the patient’s legs.

Chae Song-hwa met a friend who came as a patient with cancer. Chae Song-hwa said, “Thank you, I will be discharged from the hospital and receive it from the reunion.” But my friend said, “Can I live until then?” A friend said, “My husband is far away, so it is hard to come. I just want to die alone and die alone.”

The friend said to the patient of the grandmother next to him who showed too much interest to him, “Is it amazing?” But my grandmother said, “It’s pretty. It’s pretty for my eyes.” My friend asked, “What’s pretty when you don’t have one breast?” But the grandmother replied with a warm welcome, saying, “But I’m pretty. I wish I was as young as my baby’s mother.” A friend who misunderstood the sincerity of the grandmothers, smiled at the sorry. The friend burst into tears after seeing her husband rushed. The husband hugged his wife and was passionate, and the friend who had talked all the time cried out to her, “What if I die?”

Five friends comforted Joo Jong-soo, who won his wife’s award. Joo Jong-soo asked, “Have you had any love feelings in the meantime?” And Yang Seok-hyung confessed, “I confessed to Song Hwa before and was kicked.”

Then, while attending college, Yang Suk-hyung and Chae Song-hwa’s past were revealed. Chae Song-hwa was sorry for Yang Seok-hyung who confessed to herself and went to practice the band. The five people gave their eyes to each other and tried to practice the band.

Turns out, Kim Joon-wan found Chae Song-hwa’s boyfriend two weeks ago and said, “Don’t make a fool of her. Kim Jun-wan said to his boyfriend, “Isn’t there a friend? I looked sadly.

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