TVN drama broadcasted on the 12th Enter the keyword ‘WWW’ In the third, BaTamy (Lim Soo Jung) plays an active role in Pharaoh.

On this day, Bata Mei sought to win the unicorn. He mentions the Unicorn and Pharo’s search engine to the TF team and asked, “Do not you think they’re below a certain level?” In the meantime, he said, “Let’s preempt the image for search, and nobody will do this.”

He said that he is quicker to search for the right articles than to search for unicorns. But Chae Hyun (Lee Hee-hee) responded to Bartami’s opinion by saying, “Do you want to make people think that search is good with a small amount of advertisement now?”

When I asked him, “That’s marketing, are you against marketing?” Chihyun replied, “I’m against Tama.” Then, Battami said, “By the next meeting, you come to the grounds, the reason that the search is better than the unicorn.”

Subsequently, Battamis made an aggressive decision to compete with the Unicorn. Team members answered positively that “second merit is attack” and positively responded to “copy right”. Then Bae Tae-mi marveled at his teammates that he would shoot the advertisement a week later.

On the day of filming, however, Han Min-gyu, who was trying to sign an advertising model in Pharoh, did not appear on the filming site because he had contracted with Unicorn. As soon as there was a crisis to take a shot, Bataami decided to take the model and shoot it.

He then called Chihyeon and asked, “Is there anything on the unicorn side? I was skeptical about the rapid flow of information from Pharaoh to the unicorn. Chihyeon said, “I have been in this company for 12 years.” He said, “Take care of people while they treat spies.

Since then, an advertisement hosted by Batami has been released, resulting in a 2.3% market share increase. Unicorn board director was very angry, but Song Kyeong-gyeong (Jeon, Hye-jin) nailed that the public’s interest should be sought after and that no action should be taken.

Instead, Song Gang angered Bae Tommy by cutting out Park Morgan (long-haul) from the unicorn. Battami knew this and went straight to Song Kagyung. He said, “Why are you breaking the tough guy’s clothes? What did he do wrong? How did he do this?”, But Sung sang “I thought I would play fair?”

In addition, Sung Sang surprised Bae Tammy, “What can I do for you, working for the Unicorn, from Pharaoh?” Batami said, “Am I crazy?” And rebelled, saying, “There is no change,” he turned around.

So I went to visit him. Earlier, he had firmly rejected Park Morgan, who made his confession straight. When Park came to find himself, Park Morgan laughed, saying, “Good and bad things happen at the same time.

Then Battamini apologized, “I am sorry that I lost my contract with Unicorn, because of me. He showed up in front of the crowd that he would use his network to find other jobs as quickly as possible.

Park asked Morgan, “If I’m sorry, will you do it?” When Bhattami was affirmed, Park Morgan nailed “I got contact”. Park Morgan said, “I do not know if the contract is overturned, just as it should be. So, if you are really sorry, be ready.”

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