Yoon Hyo-jung, a reporter for ‘Absolute Guy’, introduced a drama that blinds and draws pure love.

The production presentation of the new SBS drama ‘Absolute Guy’ (drama Hyokhyun Moon, Jean Ami / Directed by Director) was held at the SBS office in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on the 15th. The main actress Ye Jin-gu Bang Min-ah Hong Jong Hyun Choi Seong-won Hong Seo Young attended.

Jejung-gu said, “I think it’s a drama about a pure and blind love that I thought I had never seen in a romantic comedy that I have seen in recent years when I see this drama character setting.”

“I thought that many people could have a good time in a long time. I was curious as to what kind of change will come when the pure heart toward Dada is tangled with the complicated feelings of human beings.”

“It seemed that the pure and warm heart of the permanent gave comfort to the heart of Ms. Park, so he appeared in this drama”

Hong Jong-hyun said, “Before that, I played the historical drama (‘I love the king’), but there was a thirst for modern drama. I chose the setting because I liked it. ”

The original was a Japanese comic book of the same name, and it was produced as a drama on Fuji TV in Japan last year, thanks to popularity. The Korean version of ‘Absolute Guy’ is an exhilarating romance drama featuring a special dressmaker Dada (Bang Min Ai) who became a cold steel heart with a wound of love and a figure for lovers with a hot pink heart that turns red.
PD announced ‘Absolutely Guy’ planning intention.

On the afternoon of the 15th, production presentation of SBS new tree drama ‘Absolute Guy’ (Gyeonghyuk Munjang Amiwon) was held at SBS building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. The event was attended by Jae Jin-gu, Bang Min-ah, Hong Jonghyun, Seongwon Choi, and Seo Young Hong.

Jeong Junghwa PD said, “Our drama is a drama depicting the process of opening a humanoid through the humanoid, which is a hug, which is hurt by Ma Wan-jun. Unlike the recently seen Rocco, we are dealing with pure, high- I think that the essence of love is to express love heart positively. It is a drama that can think again about the essence of love through humanoid permanent I planned. ”

‘Absolute Guy’ is a special dressmaker who has become a cold heart of steel with a wound of love, and a hot pink heart with a hot red heart that turns red, and a figure of love lover Zero Nine (jinjin) It is a drama.

First broadcast at 10 pm on the 15th.

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