My mother was amazed by Seunghwan Kim’s new home. Seunghwan Kim prepared a room for Mengjung and prepared six houses to make the surroundings laugh. 

Seunghwan Kim’s mother went into the bathroom. The mother laughed when she saw two toothbrushes and said, “Why are these two? My mom was worried.” However, Kim Seung-hwan said, “One of them is a toothbrush.” 

When she looked at Kim Seung-hwan’s room on the second floor, she asked, “Why do you have two pillows?” “I cut one and sleep one,” said Seunghwan Kim. The mother said, “I’d rather live with my girlfriend.” My mother was angry and said, “Is this your house? This is a idiot’s house.” 

While preparing a meal for mother and father, Kim Seung-hwan attracted attention with spam and tuna. “What is this? I can’t eat like this,” said the mother. At that time, Kim Seung-hwan got up and got up. 

Seunghwan Kim said, “I forgot something important.” Kim Seung-hwan prepared this by sprinkling vitamins on the rice of Mengjung. The mother who was watching this appearance regretted, “Have you ever brought a nutritional supplement to your mother’s meal?” 

Unlike Kim Seung-hyun, Kim Seung-hwan and his father, who played with Mongjung and liked, their mother showed tears in upset. My mother shed tears, saying, “I didn’t even know how to live like this, and when I came home, I was nagging to eat it.” 

Kim Seung-hyun’s mother said, “I saw tears that I was eating rather than eating myself, so I thought that I was doing too much, so I cried.” 

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