In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Salimnam 2’, which was broadcasted on the 5th, Seung Hyun’s father was shown as a temple stay.

On this day, Seung-hyun’s father returned to the life of a natural person while doing a temple stay. My father surprised me by showing perfection of firewood when I picked firewood while climbing from the morning. Seung-hyun said, “When I was young, the tree just fell by when I passed by,” and laughed.

Seung-hyun’s brother, Seung-hwan said, “It was fun and good because I spent time with my dad and two.”

At the same time, Seung Hyun’s mother had a great time with her granddaughter. My mother, who received a granddaughter’s skin massage, rejoiced that “the world is quiet and nice because I don’t have a husband.”

Seung-hyun’s father had a great time cleaning the auditorium. Seung-hyun’s father, who was mopping, said, “I didn’t know how hard it was to perform.”

The two men, who were eating after the cleaning, sighed at the side dishes. Seung-hyun, who was washing dishes after a meal, missed his wife.

Seung-hyun’s father said, “Oh, Jaja said that it was difficult all the time while doing housework. It’s great how you’ve been alone. ” After washing the dishes, the two men missed their wife and mother very much. Seunghyun came to her house while her mother and granddaughter were eating. Suddenly, Seung-hyun’s mother smiled at her big son’s visit.

While his mother took bachelor kimchi to give Seung-hyun, Seung-hyun packed his necessities and laughed. Seung-hyun, who was caught by his mother, quickly left the house as if he was embarrassed. Seung-hyun’s mother said, “I need to change my password.”

Minhwan and Yulhee went out to do Yulhee’s bucket list. The two went with their friends to take a self-family picture. The two posed in a fresh pose. Chan-chan, who saw this, smiled with a meaningful smile.

Yul-hee looks at clothes shops and cafes. But I can’t go because my boats are already stuck together. ” Minhwan, who listened to this, replied, “I will go home and make something delicious.”

Min-hwan made homemade snacks for Yul-hee, who doesn’t want to eat out. Minhwan made the dough and put sausages on it to make sausage bread. While baking sausage bread, Minhwan made strawberry milk mixed with strawberry and milk.

In the middle of baking bread, I finished cooking in 2 hours and 30 minutes at the end of the twist. Yu-hee said, “It’s so pretty. It looks delicious. ” “My brother gave me two bucket lists. Taking family photos and eating delicious desserts. It’s so good. ”

Hyun Joon recently went to a friend’s mother’s funeral and revealed complex feelings. Hyunjun said, “I went to Sangat’s house, and I regretted why I didn’t take a lot of pictures when my mother was there.

Hyunjun always complained about the house has changed. Hyun-joon, who had asked her mother to learn how to cook, picked up the camera to capture her mother’s image.

We learned from roasting seaweed to stir-fried bean sprouts. Hyun Joon, who was filming the video, said, “I’m going to get a book by collecting how to cook.” The mother, who wore makeup and even a wig, cooked and laughed at her son who was interested in her cooking.

Hyun Joon was embarrassed to see how his mother cooks with her eyes. Her embarrassed Hyun-joon made her smile by hand.

Hyun Joon captured his mother making seasoned crab after roasting the bean sprouts. Hyunjun, who watched the video of her mother cooking, said, “I felt a lot of wrinkles and rough hands. I really thought what I would do without my mother. ”“ I am so thankful that I am just my son and I want you to be healthy. ”

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