On April 12, KBS 2TV ‘Salim Boys Season 2’ poppin Hyun Joon presented a chocolate fountain to their friends.

Choi Min-hwan held a mini fan meeting while thinking how to express gratitude to his fans before enlisting. Choi Min-hwan announced the start of the fan meeting with a song. Fans were holding placards saying ‘I’ll wait’, and Choi was shy.

MC Toilet cited the advantages of Choi Min-hwan. There was drumming and cooking. When asked, “What kind of food would you serve if you served your fans?” Choi said, “I want to shoot a king crab.” Soon came in, and Choi Min-hwan challenged to trim in three minutes. Unfortunately, Choi Min-hwan danced with a penalty. Byun Soo-soo said in Choi Min-hwan’s dance, “I watched a jump rope show.” The video of Jaeryul is also released.

Following is the Q & A time. When asked whether they named their children, Choi said, “Ayun, it’s Arin.” It’s a name by Yul-hee and Min-hwan. Choi Min-hwan said, “I wear the same bar every day in ‘Salimnam’, but do I have a pair of pants?” He was wearing the pants even at the fan meeting.

Choi Min-hwan said that the meaning of the fan is ‘being like a breath’. Choi Min-hwan told the fans about the interview, “The date of enlistment was very short, so I wanted to meet and talk a lot.

Meanwhile, Kim Seung-hyun’s younger brother, Kim Seung-hwan, said that the car he had burned for 14 years has been broken. When her mother was against Kim Seung-hwan said, “I will take you to the truck and take you to your brother.” But Kim Seung-hyun’s father asked to save money.

At that time, Subin brought a lot of luggage to go to academy, and Kim Seung-hyun’s father went out to take him. Kim Seung-hyun’s father said, “Even when I go directly, it seems so hard to carry a lot of luggage.” Subin asked his grandfather to date him after 20 years. The two did street shopping and took pictures.

Subin carefully took the trace, and Kim Seung-hyun’s father said, “Trust me only.” Kim Seung-hyun’s father said, “I had a really good time today. Subin wants to get a studio if he takes less money.”

However, at that time, Kim Seung-hyun’s mother went out with Kim to buy a used car with savings. Kim Seung-hwan, who wanted to buy a van, told his friend, and eventually Kim Seung-hyun bought a van. The new car’s name is Okka. The two went home happily, but Kim Seung-hyun’s father was upset, “It’s the money we saved.” Kim Seung-hyun’s mother responded, “I’m all right?”

Poppin Hyun-joon, meanwhile, decided to play with friends brought by his daughter artist to become a 100-point father. Poppin Hyun Joon pulled out a chocolate fountain because he didn’t seem to like them. The children’s reactions were explosive, but later Poppin Hyun Joon’s mother was very upset.

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