Kim Seung-hyun’s father and mother were on their way to a date of a long time alone in a long time at KBS2 ‘Men’s Season 2,’ which was broadcast on December 12 (‘Salim Nam 2’).

On this day, my mother expressed envy to Choi Min-hwan and Yoo-hee’s date on TV. Then my father said, “If I do not mind, Choi Minhwan will not come to my class.” But my mother laughed.

The next day my father promised my mother that I would really see my brother again.

The first course my father prepared was shopping for colorful clothes that my mother liked best. My father, who was shouting the usual savings, showed a big change in his mind, saying, “Do not worry about the price for this day. However, she continued to laugh at her mother’s shopping.

The father sought the arts hall where various operas and exhibitions were held to match the taste of the mother who likes luxurious things. The exhibition is free, while the opera is over two hundred and thirty thousand won. After all, my father told me to see a free exhibition, and my mother forced me to watch.

I went to Han River Park which is the hot place of lovers for the last course. My father grabbed her hand, but her mother said, “It is too hot.” My father gave me 100 points on his date, but my mother came to Kim Seung-hyun’s rooftop room and said, “I made it harder.”

I prepared a roast beef party for my parents, and thanks to the efforts of Kim Seung-hyun, my parents laughed happily.

Kim Sung-soo, who prepared the project group with Nohmin and Chun Myung Hoon, was also drawn.

On this day, Kim Sung-soo called “Nong-min” and “Chun Myeong-hoon” as saying, “You took your brother’s advertisement.” During the conversation, Noung Min made a speech asking him to proceed with the project group ‘Hoon Hoon Soo’, and Chun Myung Hoon showed his willingness to form a group, recalling the happy experience of the project group ‘Hotjackeonji’.

However, Kim Sung – soo was unable to accept the production cost worries. Kim Sung-soo actively came out when Chun Myung-hoon said that he could produce and make productions. In particular, Kim Sung-soo was thrilled that he was “the glory of the family” in the words “your brother is a leader.”

The three people went to the camp site to prepare for the full-fledged preparation and unification of ‘Hoon Hoon Soo’. Kim Sung-soo, who listened to songs made by Chun Myeong-hoon, said, “This song is unconditional.” Later, when HyeBin and the manager arrived at the camp site, Chun Myung – hoon asked HyeBin to give me a song she made and to give an honest evaluation. Hye-bin, who had been thinking for a while, said, “Are you going to do this?” “I can not hear the lyrics well.”

“I want to have a lot of time, but I want to have a lot of work,” he said. “I do not want to eat anything,” he said. My dad is too old and my knee will hurt. “

Yul-hee decided to take care of his brother Min-jae for a day with the request of his parents.

On that day, Min – jae played with Jae – yul and satisfied Yul – hee. At this time, Min Jae called “My sister or a cell phone” and called a cell phone. Yulihui said, “You should play with her,” but Choi Minhwan said, “I’ll just give you 10 minutes.” Ten minutes have passed since I made an appointment with Yoo-hee, but Min-jae still can not put the phone in her hand. After all, Yul-hee forcibly took the cell phone and Min-jae was tearful. At this time, Choi suggested a field study for the mobile addiction. She smiled and gave milk to the calf, and Choi Min-hwan was satisfied with Min-jae’s new look. However, Min – jae fell into a cell phone while Yul – hee was taking diapers for a while. Ulhui ‘s nagging poured out, and Min – jae was tearful. After returning home, Yoo-hee was angry at her mother and education.

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