Ryu Hyun-gyeong went to Palau-gardom waterfall.

Ryu Hyun-gyeong The orphanage enjoyed trekking while enjoying the natural scenery of Palau. In the meantime, the orphanage said, “Here the crocodiles live.” Ryu Hyungkyeong “Crouching with a crocodile,” he said, enjoying the show.

Archeology, which arrived at Palau-gardoom waterfall, was “the first waterfall in my life,” and expressed his gratitude to Ryu Hyun-kyung, “I was good at making friends with my real sister.”

Afterwards, Ryu Hyun-kyung acquired the Palau-gardoom waterfalls and watched the waterfall.

The oldness gave a grateful message to Ryu Hyun-kyung, who planned the trip, saying, “I should like my sister.

Ryu Hyun Kyung prepared a sunset restaurant for his last trip to Palau. Ryu Hyun-gyeong, an orphan, was toasting at Sunset restaurant and was sorry that it was “last night”.

Ryu Hyun-gyeong The orphanage enjoyed the end of the trip by tasting Palau beer. From palau beer to mangrove shellfish pasta, and a variety of Palauan food, Ryu Hyung-kyung enjoyed the end of the trip.

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