The MBC ‘Radio Star’, which aired on February 12, was featured with ‘Crippling and Mulberry Garden Day’, featuring Song Dae-gwan, Park Hyun-woo, Jung Kyung-cheon, and Sul Ha Yoon.

Park Hyun-woo has worked on more than 1000 songs in over 50 years of composition life, covering all genres. Recently, ‘What do you do when you play? -Mongpopoyu’ appeared in ’15 Hapjeong Station Exit 5 ‘in 15 minutes and gathered the topic.

Park Hyun-woo, nicknamed ‘Baktoben’, is receiving a lot of requests for advertisements due to the recent soaring popularity. “There are nine ads. One was an advertisement that appeared with Jeong Kyung-cheon, but (Jung Kyung-cheon) was so shy that I left out. Then it got ticked. ” Chung Kyung-cheon trembled, saying, “I never sprained.”

Park Hyun-woo, who has been using the ringer due to his recent busy schedule, said, “In November and December, I only worked for three days. I got Ringer twice a week and had a bad cold. ” Chung Kyung-cheon was so happy that he was “Yonsei is that much.” 

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