MBN’s ‘Queen’s War: The Last Singer’, broadcasted on March 19, featured the appearance of Eun Eun Cho, who returned to the entertainment industry in 15 years.

As soon as Jo Eun-sae appeared, Young-hoon Joo said, “Is this person I know? When I was a child, didn’t I have memories with me? ” “It’s right,” Cho Eun-sae said. Joo Young-hoon revealed the identity of “I’m Papaya Hye-kyung,” creating a surprise in the left.

“There was a problem with an affiliated company. Having tasted all the sweetness and bitterness of life, I was tired of the entertainment industry. So I lived in a country for 15 years. My mother had thyroid cancer surgery, but her voice didn’t come out. As I watched it, I thought that I would like to sing on behalf of my mother. ” 

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