‘The man who lives to die’, ‘return’, ‘elegance of the empress’, ‘parfum’. There are several things in common in this drama. The biggest thing in common is the star actor Shin Sung-Rok. Shin Sungrock took the main title role of your work and led the show with the center of the play. In the hugely successful episode of Shin Sung Rok, these dramas had the honor of being ranked # 1 in the same time zone. At the same time, Shin Sung Rok is known as “believing actor,” “box office,” or “box-office check.”

Shin Seong-rok, who hit three home runs in three seasons, entered the plate again. Shin Sung Rock, who is proud of the feeling of rising water, played a role of putting ‘Parfum’ in the first place in the same time zone. It is the moment when a record of 4 full-time home runs is written.

‘Perfume’ won the top spot in the terrestrial music scene of the same time period in the heat of the new record. Perfume, which recorded the first broadcast rating of 5.0% (based on Nielsen Korea), did not miss the top spot in the same time zone. It has been hugely popular since it recorded its highest audience rating of 7.2% in the 4th broadcast on the last 4 days.

At the center is the sacred rock. Shin Sung Lok is in charge of acting as a genius designer Seido in ‘Perfume’. The absurd and cold genius designer Seo Ishido, who has trauma and various phobias and confusion due to his childhood accidents, is in perfect harmony with the visual elements of Shin Sung Rock.

It is not just that the character is completed with only visual elements. Shin Suk-rook has immersed himself in expressing the unreasonable charm of a character named Seo-do. If this figure is over, viewers may have a sense of rejection, but Shin Sung Rok keeps the line and goes through the roughness and the impasse. The clever tightrope of Shinseokro depicted ‘Perfume’, which could be an obvious Cinderella story, more entertaining and immersive. Therefore, viewers are enjoying ‘parfum’ more happily.

Shin Sung-rok is not only a character who plays his character but also fragrant with the surrounding characters and tempts viewers once again with “Chemi”. From the beginning of the hit-and-run home run, “From a Dead Man to a Perfume,” Sung Suk-rok brings audiences with chewy breathing while going romance and romance. The breathing became the center of the play, and on the solid pillars added to the playability, the four – throne homerun of Shin Sung Rock was created.

The charm of Shin Sung Rok, the actor, is also very powerful. It is a merit of Shin Sung-rok to freely move good character and evil character. Shin Sung Rok played alternately characters with a distinct temperature difference, ranging from ‘Man to Die to Die’, ‘Return’, ‘Empress’, and ‘Perfume’. But there is no sense of incongruity. The character who is full of destruction, the evil incarnation, the emperor of the charismatic peak, and the designer of ‘Tsundere’ are made into a new character when Shin Sung Rock is put on.

The eyes of Shin Sung-rok’s works, ‘Pioneering Eyes’ also stand out. The name does not appear to be high-profile actors, but picks works that have workability, attracts viewers by drawing their own characters smartly.

Viewers can not help falling in the act of being a holy rock with many elements in one body. ‘The actor who believes and sees’ The work selected and appeared by Shin Sung-rok became ‘Believing and seeing work’, and it came out as the result of 1 viewership. In particular, Shin Sung-rok is forced to take the main title role and lead his work to the top.

It is the main title roll that takes the center of the drama and leads the story. It is not merely coincidence that you have succeeded your work in succession because it is skill. That’s why we can not help but believe in Shin Seok Rok. 

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