In the 15th and 16th episodes of the KBS2 monthly drama ‘Perfumes’ broadcasted on the 25th, Seoido (Shin Sungrock) saw Min Jae-hee (Ha Jae-sook) is the girl of first love.

On this day, Ishido fought against Kim Tae-joon (Jo Han-cheol) and got back to Min Jae-hee. When Seo Ido finds out that Min Jae-hee is his first love, Min Jae-hee goes out of the store and runs away like a fugitive.

After that, Min Jae-hee sat down with Kim Tae-joon. Kim Tae-joon is still attacking Min Jae-hee, and when he says “Do you want to avoid me? Do you want me to leave you?”

So Min Jae-hee said, “Yeah, let’s get out of here. Min Jae-hee said, “I knew that I had to be revenge, but you are not worth it. I did not want to waste your time on garbage.”

After that, Min Jae-hee met Kim Jin-kyung (Kim Jin-kyung) and told him that he decided to divorce. Kim Jin-kyung said, “I thought well. Even if I divorced my father, my mother is my mother, and the fact that I am a mother’s daughter does not change.” I confessed to my sorryness and shed tears. Min Jae-hee comforted Kim Jin-kyung and vowed, “Do not be ashamed of your mother and live really hard.”

Afterwards, Min Yilin (Ko Won-hee) was drawn to the fashion show. Kim Tae – joon finds a common point with Min Jae – hee in the past when Min – jilin turned his fingers during the turn. After he finished the show, he went to Min-jirin and asked, “Are you Jae-hee? I lived with you for 17 years. How could I not recognize you?”

In addition, Kim Tae-joon asked Min-jilin, “But how did this change?” I was astonished by stroking my arms with a flirty face. At this time, Lee showed up with a fist and anger at Kim Tae-joon. Min-jilin hastened to take a seat with such a west island.

Later on, the news of ‘designer who gets paid for the new model’ came out. Earlier, Son Miyu (Shin Hye-jung), a secret video of the movie, which was filmed in the hotel, was revealed as evidence.

He was violent by Cho Soo – yeon (Cho Hye – won), a big fan of Yun Min – suk (Kim Min – kyu), trying to spray perfume in the bathroom. He was astonished by Cho Soo – yeon ‘s abandoning the miracle nostalgia, and returned to Min Jae – hee’ s backstage, counterattacking the shocking assistant.

Since then, Min Jae – hee has been crying and helping to escape and returning to Min – jirin with a miracle nostalgia. West Island found Min-Jilin, who had fallen down after all. He transferred Min Jilin to a safe private cottage without informing the news.

Among them, Lee is recalling his first meeting with Min Jae-hee. Min Jae-hee rescued a young child who nearly died in the water and promised to remember each other on the day of separation.

However, Min Jae – hee never remembered Ishido once. Seo Ido said, “No matter what you look like, I’ve known you once, you’ve looked at me three times, what do you do to me? I will pretend not to know you now. .

Since then, Ido has enjoyed a dating date with Min-yorin. At this time, Hanjina (Cha-yeol) appeared and reported the situation due to the news of the ministers of Jilin and Seo-do. Seo Ido said he would hold a press conference to end the false controversy.

As Seo Ishua prepares for the press conference, Min Yorin resides at Yun’s house. Suh is well aware of this fact and has been pursuing Yoon Min-suk, and declared to press hard against the malicious rumor at the press conference.

At the end of the drama, it was revealed that Seo and Tae Yun were brothers. In the meantime, while standing in front of this fact, when asked about her relationship with Min-yorin, she replied, “Min-yorin is my girl, I love Min-yorin.”

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