KBS 2TV new drama ‘Perfume’, which was broadcast on 3 days, depicted the figure of Seoido (Shin Sungrok) who is preparing for a fashion show.

On the day, Min Jae-hee (Ha Jae-suk) was ready to end 17 years of marriage with Kim Tae-joon (Jo Han-cheol). Your own life. But then the courier delivered a questioning nostalgia. Min Jae-hee went back to his youthful look as he spread perfume. Min Jae-hee was amazed, “Who is it, not me?” And said, “A miracle came when I gave up my life completely.”

Min Jae-hee, who went in to try on clothes at the store, was in the spotlight of Park Jun-yong. Park Jun-yong was suddenly seeking a model for Seo Do’s fashion show. However, Seo Ido sees Min Jae – hee, saying, “Nonsense, that serpentine eyes, disgusting lips, dirty nostrils.

Then, the main model (Song Kyung-a) was injured because of Seo Do, and Min Jae-hee was the only person to wear the main model costume. However, Min Jae-hee said, “People can see me.” Then Seo Lee said, “Do not look at others’ eyes, I will make you the best model.”

Then, Min Jae-hee stood on the runway. Min Jae-hee had tears when she died, saying that she had no desire. But Min Jae – hee fell in the finale. Because I ate too much sleeping pills before. In the words of Park Jun-yong (Kim Ki-doo), who seems to be sleeping, Lee is angry that he is “sleeping.”

After that, Min Jae-hee, who was waiting in front of the house, tried to talk to Kim Tae-joon once, but he was angry that Kim Tae-joon was coming with her minstrel Song Min-hee. In the past, Min Jae-hee came out to throw away the garbage, and saw Kim Tae-joon kissing Song Min-hee.

Min Jae-hee, who became homeless, returned to his original appearance the next morning. Min Jae-hee sprinkled with perfume and went back to her youthful appearance. Min Jae-hee intercepted his car and said, “I want to be a model. After Suh ‘s disappearance, Min Jae – hee pressed down on him, and finally Su – do took Min Jae – hee home.

Seo Lee ordered Min Jae-hee to remove it as a new house. I thought that Jae-hee Min was going to run away, but Min Jae-hee slept after cleaning. Min Jae – hee changed his mind again.

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