On the 25th, KBS 2TV Wall Street drama ‘Perfume’ (play Hyun Ok / directed by Kim Sang-hwu) showed once more Seoido (Shin Sungrok)

Kim Tae-joon (Cho Han-chul) caught the scene of Min-jilin turning his fingers while turning on his daughter Kim Jin-kyung (Kim Jin-kyung). Kim Tae-joon was reminiscent of his wife Min Ja-hee (Ha Jae-suk) and his dating. Suspicion of habits such as Min Jae Hee has turned into conviction.

Kim Tae – joon found Min – jirin, asked his favorite model and guided the newspaper. When Min-jilin answered “Kate Moss” without hesitation, Kim Tae-joon was convinced, “You Jae Hee? I do not know you.”

It was at the time show that Ishido felt the surprise of Kim Tae-joon’s actions and followed him. Kim Tae – joon was touching Min – jirin ‘s body, and Su – ido furiously fired Kim Tae – joon. Min – jirin barely drifted away and Min – jirin’ s crisis was over.

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