Will Logan Lee, who was called the’Penthouse’ sweet potato character, become a cider character?

The “Penthouse” (played by Kim Soon-ok, director Joo Dong-min), broadcast on December 8, contained a scene where Logan Lee (played by Ho-dong Gu/ Eun-suk Park) witnessed an affair with Dan-tae Ju (played by Um Ki-jun) and Seo-jin Cheon (played by Kim So-yeon). Logan Lee had an unfamiliar expression. Did sightings cause a change of heart?

Logan Lee is a person who has misunderstood Shim Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) and harassed him. She misunderstood that Shim Su-ryun might be involved in the unknown death of her younger brother Anna Lee (Min Seol-ah / Jo Su-min). Logan Lee continued to press Shim Su-ryun, saying, “At the penthouse party, reveal the fact that you are Minseul’s mother.”

In the past, Anna Lee said to Logan Lee, “I wish my mother was unhappy like me.” Logan Lee was resentful when he saw Shim Su-ryun, his mother, who lives with a strong life. It was because Shim Su-ryun misunderstood that she abandoned her real daughter, Min Seol-ah, and is living happily.

Another object Logan Lee misunderstood was Yoon-hee Oh (played by Eugene). Logan Lee also suspected Oh Yoon-hee, who lives at Minseol-ah’s house. Logan Lee was embarrassed by the words of Yoonhee Oh, “(Minseol) was a really nice child.” “Are you seriously?” I thought about something.

Suspicions about Shim Su-ryun and Oh Yoon-hee seemed to be somewhat resolved. Logan Lee has felt a bit wrong with his thoughts, and has been very confused.

The misunderstanding has not been completely resolved. Logan Lee only knew that Shim Su-ryun’s marriage was not yet smooth. Even after hearing Oh Yoon-hee’s sincerity, she did not erase her name from the dragon boat. It seems confused whether the word’good child’ is true.

Earlier, Logan Lee (Koo Ho-dong) raised expectations as’a character who will give a cider’ as soon as he appeared. Minseol, who died unjustly, because it was her brother. Anna Lee (Min Seol-ah) and Logan Lee were not related. It was much more special to Logan Lee than this. Because Anna Lee was the benefactor who saved her life.

Logan Lee, who had been ill in the past, saved his life thanks to a bone marrow transplant performed by Anna Lee. She was framed and plagued with guilt for failing to protect her dismissed brother. I learned that my younger brother died unjustly after being bullied, and he came to Korea for revenge.

Is it because of this narrative? Viewers thought that Logan Lee would be a light for Shim Su-ryun, who has lived an unfortunate life. The two were the same target of revenge. It also raised the expectation that if you hold your hand, you will get revenge sooner.

Expectations turned into disappointments. Logan Lee was not a’one ray of light’ for Shim Su-ryun. Rather, he was a person who caused pain. Viewers were angry at the feeling of eating sweet potatoes. “Logan Lee, stop misunderstanding,” “Two of you join hands quickly” “Please let me drink some cider” “I hate Logan Lee.”

Will Logan Lee resolve all misunderstandings and give Shim Su-ryun and viewers a’cider’? I look forward to development in the future. 

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