The time when it is difficult to analyze and review dramas and understand them is the time when the close-up dramas are hit. If you forget, you will come back, and if you forget, you will come back without fail.

Usually, close-up dramas provoke viewers by throwing a big event in the beginning as if they were trying to do something, and blocking it with all kinds of clichés until the end. The audience rating rises as the probability and message disappear and the thrilling stimulus is added. Even the early criticism of’does this make sense’ can’t hit the Mac in front of huge audience ratings.

Nevertheless, when I give up thinking about trying to analyze the story, I think of the King of Gag Concert’s ratings corner. If you want to get a little bored, you throw an absurd setting, and the actors take it well… I think Primetime’s’Advanced Close-Up Play’ will come to viewers who are immune to the close by morning drama as vivid fun as if watching the King of Ratings on TV on Daehakro stage.

SBS’Penthouse’ contains all the clichés called clichés used in the drama. Murder, bullying, infidelity, mischief, revenge, secrets of birth, school violence, abuse, fraud, veiled figures, and real estate development profiteering. They are placed everywhere in the big picture that tracks the murder of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min). As only ripe hongsi on the persimmon tree can be seen, the thick stem disappears and cannot be seen.

In the high-end residential-commercial penthouse, which has been set as ‘1 house price, 1 education’, only desire and immorality exist. People who are jealous and contempt each other but become one in front of money, a wife who thinks casually about an affair, and a husband who wants to use it, a woman who earns a lot of money but hates those who have no money, and an incompetent husband and a hellish marriage mate. Former announcers who endure living because of Edo money, and even children who learned only bad things.

The point to note is that they all only see what is in front of them, but cannot read the back side. They hold regular meetings, and they contemplate that Yujin Oh (Yujin) will be driven out for money, but they are not interested in what each other is doing. Does it make sense that no one knew that Mari Kang (Shin Eun-kyung) was in trouble and her husband was in prison? It is funny to conduct a vote to expel Oh Yu-jin from Hera Palace, but it makes sense that only 4 households have the right to vote in that large residential-commercial complex.

There is no need to worry about’does this make sense’ in this unlikely situation. Before I even think about it, I will jump to another episode. If it had been a different drama, the story that would have spread or spread to a great controversy does not matter in this work. Because the audience rating is good. Because it’s fun. Before you think about it, you will catch your eye with another stimulating story. Like drugs.

It is clear that it is too much to say,’It’s okay because it’s Kim Sun-ok’. However, even if only one of them has been put in enough stimulating materials, it is only admiration for the writer’s writing ability, which made the story as a drama rather than a comedy. ‘The dignity of the empress’,’Watda Jangbori’, and’the temptation of the wife’ are all.

Ratings exceeding 20%, all kinds of luxury PPLs set in the background of a high-end apartment, the acting of actors who are bound to stand out the more they get out of the normal people. There is nothing rough and nothing is a problem, Kim Soon-ok World continues to say,’It’s not moral, but it’s okay,’ and this evening is also tempting wives like the elegant empress.

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