Divorce caused by her husband’s affair. Betrayal of my brother who believed. Daughter on the chest. Singer Park Jae-ran looked back on many 83 years of his life.

Park Jae-ran’s life history was revealed on TV Chosun ‘Life Saeng Dok My Way’ which aired on the 12th.

Park Jae-ran, who made his debut with Lucky Morning in 1961, is a famous singer. His outstanding beauty also served as Andre Kim’s muse, but his life was hard.

Park Jae-ran, who announced the marriage at the top, said, “I could not play my role as a wife. Although they were in a sweet relationship, they worked so hard after marriage that the couples’ meetings and family reconciliation were excluded. I only made money. ”

“My ex-husband failed a business and was heavily in debt. So I made more money. Nevertheless, I could not pay my debts. I sold two houses and moved to the Jeonset house. “I still had two children, so I tried to live to the end.”

But affair cannot endure. Park said, “My ex-husband even accepted a visa to flee to the coffee shop Madame and Hong Kong. There he made a divorce decision. The husband knelt before me. That was the last time. ”

Park Jae-ran, who was hospitalized after the divorce shock, went to the United States alone. I tried to take my two daughters, but my husband stopped it. Park Jae-ran said, “I blocked my daughters from meeting. It hurt me so much. ”

However, even in the United States, who ran away, Park’s trials were not over. The brother relied on his fraud and lost 1 billion. Park said, “That’s the 1970s. I even thought about extremes. Because nothing happens. I wanted to do something if I lived. ”

After returning home, she reunited with her daughter Park Seong-shin after 15 years, but soon she suffered a pain in her heart. Park Sung-shin died in 2014 as an active singer in the 1990s.

Park Jae-ran said, “We received a phone call from Daejeon. Suddenly collapsed and left. I fainted at the funeral home. ” When I woke up, it was already after all the funeral procedures.

“It’s raining just one day, and I miss my daughter so much. He called his daughter’s name, Holy Ghost. Someone ‘mom, don’t cry. I’m really nice and happy here. ‘ That was delivered to my heart. ”

Park Jae-ran said, “There are many people who have heartache wounds more than me because the years are medicine. I can’t live if I know it until the end. Why don’t you miss your daughter? I try to forget the pain quickly. You have to live faithfully in reality. ”

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