Actor Park Han-hee submitted a petition for his husband, Yuri Inseok, former chairman of Glass Holdings. Park Han-hee’s position is that it is hard to confirm it because it is privacy.

According to the legal system on May 15, Park Han-il submitted a petition written for Yoo during the actual examination of the warrant of her husband Yoo and Yoo’s co-worker, Group Big Bang, (Lee Seung-hyun) Park Han-hee passed a handwritten petition to the court through a legal representative.

A petition, known as three sheets of A4 paper, says, “My husband has no intention of circumventing or escaping this situation, and promises to be a wife of a family who will continue to be thoroughly investigated in custody.” .

So, Park Han-hee, the agency’s fly-up enthusiast, said in the Newsen on the afternoon of 15th, “Details are personal parts of the actors, so we do not know the details.”

Park Han-hoon, husband of Yoo, is in a state of suspicion of winning a sex service to an investor (suspicion of prostitution), grabbing funds for operating bars, and alleged violations of the Food Sanitation Law. Park Han-hee was also investigated as a reference for the suspicion of Yoo’s police (Yoon).

In this regard, Park Han-hee opened his mouth for the first time about his husband’s controversy through his personal SNS in March. Park said, “I am really sorry for the controversy, the events and the suspicions related to my husband recently, and I am very sorry that I can not separate the past affairs of the person who will be living with me, I am so sorry that I will give you any words because I am currently under investigation. I am sorry “,” I am grateful to all those who support me in love when I am sad, I apologize to many of you who are criticizing me for being involved in the social controversy. ”

The court dismissed the arrest warrant on the grounds that it was possible to dispute the alleged embezzlement of Yu on May 14,

The actor Park Han-hee reportedly wrote a petition for his husband, Yuri In-seok, former president of Glass Holdings.

On June 15, the JoongAng Ilbo reported, “The petition written by Park Han-bum, the wife of Yoo In-seok, was presented for the first time in the singer’s victory and Yoo In-seok’s warrant review. The JoongAng Ilbo explained that the petition submitted by Park Han-bum to the judge through the lawyer was “handwritten from the beginning to the end with three sheets of A4 paper.” In the meantime, the JoongAng Ilbo said in a petition, “My husband has no intention of circumventing or escaping this situation. I promise that I will be the wife of a family who will continue to be thoroughly investigated in a detention state.” I have contacted fly-up entertainment, but I can not reach them. Park Han-hee announced his marriage to Yoo In-suk, saying that he had finished marriage report in November, 2017, four months after his pregnancy. Last April I gave birth to a son. The arrest warrant for Yoon In-seok and victory was dismissed.

On the other hand, Park Han and Yoo married in November, 2017. Since then, Park has given birth to his first son in April, and returned to the theater in about two years with the MBC weekend drama “I Love You Sad”

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