‘Abys’ Park Bo-young begins a struggle for mortal resurrection of Ahn Hyo-seop who was killed.

The TVN drama ‘Abyss: Soul Assassin’s Ball’ (directed by Yu-Jae Won / drama Moon Su-yeon / ‘Abys’) will be released on May 19th with a TV show featuring Park Bo Young (Kosecheon Station) I turn my eyes off.

The previous episode of ‘Abyss’ broadcasted by Ahn Hyo – seop was murdered and the second ‘Resurrection’ by Lee Sung – jae became the new owner of the soul sacrifice beads ‘Abys’ and made the anvil theater shocked. This is the situation that the interest of the viewers has been busy whether or not Park Bo Young will be able to revive the dead Ahn Hyo-seop.

Park Bo-young, a member of the public, is more determined and determined than ever. With both hands gathered, he keeps the body of Ahn Hyoung-seop in his arms, keeping his arms wide open. He wondered what happened to him. Especially, the tragedy of Park Bo-young-Ishihon, which is strangely tense between Anhyo-seop’s body, raises interest.

Park Boo-young, along with Yu-jae-won’s Kyosin, took the feelings right away and showed the best moments of immersion, making the scene breathtaking. In particular, Park Bo-young is a back-emperor who is full of carefulness to carefully match the gaze and the motion line even when the actor’s independent shooting is proceeding.

“Abyss” production team, “Park is starting to struggle to save Ahn Hyo-seop,” he said, “Park Bo-young will declare a confrontation with Lee Sung-jae. Park Bo-young’s performance should be watched with this broadcast. ”

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