‘Abys’ Park Bo-young – An Hyo-seop’s gum ticket mode makes the clowns ascend by themselves.

The TVN drama ‘Abyss: Soul Resurrection Beads’ (directed by Yu Jae Won / drama Moon Soo Yeon / ‘Abyss’) was released on May 19 by Park Bo Young (Kosseon Station) – Ahn Hyo Sub (Chin Min), who entered the gum ticket mode, Of the steel was released.

In the last episode of ‘Abyss’ 4, Anhyo was killed. As a result, Lee Sung – jae (Oh Young – chul), the second murderer and a serial murderer, became the new master of the soul sacrifice beads “Abys”, making the house theater shocking. Whether Park Bo Young could resurrect An Hyo-seop or Lee Seong-jae, who became the new owner of ‘Abys’, exploded the curiosity of viewers.

In the meantime, the exciting and funny images of Park Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop are caught outside the camera, capturing the attention. Park Byeong-young and An-Hyo-seop meticulously check the dialogue and fingerprints before filming and discuss how to postpone the scene. In particular, Park Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop’s super-close-up gum tickle chemi, which does not know how to stand next to each other,

This is the back of the film, which is more than the real best, and it has not been able to conceal the smile on the scene staffs of Park Bo Young – Ahn Hyo – seop. This is the back story that the two people who are the healers of the month of viewers are responsible for the laughter of the scene with various reactions and warm consideration.

“Abby’s production team said,” Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop has a unique bright and delightful energy and plays a role as a vitamin in the film. “” I hope Park Bo-young and Ahn Hyo-seop will be able to work harder after the death of An Hyo-seop. .

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