On the 12th, KBS 2TV drama “Only Love (Directed by Lee Jung Sup, Yoo Young Eun, Choi Yoon Kyo)” came to know the identity of Rainbow (Dong Gun) and Dan (Lee Myung Soo) ) That he would quit his job as a secretary. 

Danyi walked alone on the street, and a rainfall appeared, “What is your right thing, do not you stop dancing to the concert?” He grabbed his neck and fought with a river at the end of the struggle. 

In the meantime, 119 paramedics appeared and asked for a monkey in the water. The image was after the rain had disappeared. Kim was worried about the rainfall because he did not know the nature of the rainfall, but he was confused whether he could see his rainfall when he saw the rainfall turned away. Kim was worried that he had heard what he had said to him in the conversation. 

He said, “Dancing to a dancer is taking his life, and he tried to kill himself blindly,” he said, “just give up to the person who started his orchestra and give up the mistake, do not mistake him for standing on the edge of a cliff. did. 
“I’ll throw you out of hell tomorrow,” he warned.  

“I like it more than I can think,” Kim said. “I have to see that the opening is so happy. Keep the promise to make happiness in the open, then go and never go back. I’ll see you laughing and leaving, instead I will not stand still if I get tired of it. ” 

Kim Dae and the concert stand together with Choi Young-ja and his supporters. In the meantime, after he bowed his head to 90 degrees, he apologized, saying, “I did not work that day.” When I first told him that he had decided to leave the foundation and the ballet, he continued, “I will not show it” and “I will show it on stage.”

“I will show you what is perfectly normal,” he said to his supporter who wanted to be genuinely down on his knees and asked, “Do you like ballet?” Rather, they patronized their supporters. “I will make you love ballet, I will make you love,” he said, adding that it would be worth the patrons. “The performance will not be successful if I do not succeed,” he said. Choi Young-ja was angry at the resplendent appearance of the station, and the rainfall smiled. 

Seo visited Woo and Kim. The rainbow artists relied on me to solve it myself. The ballet strikes more strongly and prevented it. Kim connected with her to make a phone call with Nina (Kim Bomi). I asked Bomi for the first time, Bomi refused to do it, and I asked Bomi if he had asked me to stick with it. 

The continent called the rainfall the place where the ballet was. Then he offered to surprise me to watch Giselle audition. 
That’s why I wanted to be with the members who have been supporting the Fantasia for the past three years. “I will try to be fair and formal,” and Jiwangu said, “I am Gissel, I will solve.” “I thank you for believing me, but I will not ride free, I want you to believe me again.” 

At this time, Kim, who was beside him, shouted for his fight and shook his arms. He was surprised to see Kim’s arms resting on his hands. Since then, Ji Woo-woo was suspicious of Kim’s identity and secretly followed Kim’s back that night. 

Rainfall passed like a panorama until the last time Kim said “hell is not a place anyone can go to, especially I can not go to hell”. The rainfall eventually led to a visit to the bride. Then he asked, “What about an angel in the world, an angel in a human being who is an angel?” Rainfall said, “Is there a reason to pretend that you do not know what is happening?”, And the bride knows that she is the successor she saw in the temple. 

Kim, who repeatedly dreams of a strange dream, goes to Hu and asks, “Can humans become angels?” Huh said, “I dream of what I want to do, and when a human has a desire, he thinks that brain cells are confused,” he said. He showed the end of an angel who loved humanity. It was to disappear before the eyes of the loved ones. 

“I want to leave this house, I want to leave this house,” and shocked the secretary. 

Meanwhile, “One Love” is a drama depicting the fantasy heavenly romance of an angel witch angel who defies ballerina and cupid who do not believe in love. 

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