In KBS 2TV ‘Dahn, One Love’ (play Choi Jung – seok Lee Jeong – seop) broadcast on the 12th, Kim Dae – soo (Kim Myung – soo) was shown to leave Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun).

On this day, Lee Yeon – seo declared, “I will let you love ballet”, asking you to trust yourself in front of Fantasy Oh Succeeding Society. After Choi Young-ja (DoJiWon) made a surprise, Lee expressed his confidence that “I will show it as a ballet performance.” The rain was more admirable for the devil who acted brave and cool.

But Dean had to be jealous of the members of Fantasia. I was on strike to protest against Lee Ji – sung, who was favored by rain storms, and that the members should not be put on stage. He said, “If you do not strike back and you do not return, you will cut all the members.” But they could not turn their hearts.

Lee Yeon – seo found out that the Fantasia members were volunteering through Ginny (Kim Bomi). After that, they tried to serve together in the nursing home, but the members misunderstood his behavior as a pretext.

He reminded me of the members who danced while performing volunteer activities. Kim said, “At that moment, I was the main character. I wonder if those people would like to dance in three years.”

Later, Lee called the rainforest as a nursing home and suggested, “Give all the members a Giselle audition qualification.” He opposed the rain, but stepped back to his stubbornness.

Then, the rainfall saw Kim’s arm clean without any scratches and began to question him. I watched Kim Jae-woo go after Kim and talk to him (Kim In-kwon). The rainfall came to the cathedral with the back, and after confirming the face afterwards, I made a meaningful smile.

He found a grandfather who was an angel in a nursing home. He was an angel, but rebelled against the command of heaven and was living with his grandmother. He then annihilated his grandfather and said, “If you do not believe, I will show you.” The grandmother was pissed toward her husband who had left her, and Kim looked at her and recalled the miserly face of Deun.

Kim said, “I will quit the secretary, I will leave this house,” Kim Dae-jun, who is afraid of his future and his future, is ready to be far from Lee.

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