Jang Bum-joon found Yeosu, and his wife surprised Yeon-joo and the children.

KBS 2TV , which was broadcast on the 19th, captivated the audience with the appearance of the children who were more cute. Sam Dong-kook, Sam Hammington, Ko Ji-yong and Jo Sung-mo’s family appeared to be on the scene.

Previously, Jang Bum-joon’s “Shredol” joined the topic. Jang Bum-joon, who made his debut with the group bus Kershuk, appeared and gained interest. He comforted the crying child with other melodies and showed a ‘miracle of spring’. It is also a fact that every year spring, Beom-Jun Jang made a sound start yeokjuhaeng enough to get the nickname “Cherry zombies.

My beautiful wife, Song Seung-a, also appeared with me. Song Seung-a acted as an actor in the past and appeared in the drama ‘Can not live without you’, ‘Beautiful to you’. Jang Bum jun enlisted after marriage and declared to return to broadcasting after the 19th of last month.

In the meantime, Song has been showing his daughter Jang Joa and his son Janghada through his instagram. The children introduced in the broadcast day, made famous as the star’s smile LAN cable to uncle, aunt look cute to me self on SNS.

The 278 episodes broadcast on this day were decorated with a subtitle called “Cherry Blossom Ending.” Jang Bum-joon visited Yeosu with the children. Beom-Jun Jang made the “” Yeosu Night Sea “as a caricature manseokri part-time at the beach for Yeosu Night Sea song. I made lyrics based on the contents of the conversation. ”

On that day, Jang Bum-joon held a street bus king in front of the sea. Jang Bum-joon called his hit song “Yeosu Night Sea” off Yeosu, and in a flash, many people gathered to enjoy the show.

Next to Jang Bum-joon, his daughter and son, Joa and Hagar, sat next to him and sing along. “I have come to countless bus kings, but the bus kings with Joawada are the first to be nervous,” he said.

At the end of the song, a suspicious woman appeared. It was Jang Bum Jun’s wife Song Son. Jang Bum-joon sang a song for his wife and once again mentioned a special relationship with Yeosu, saying, “I may come to Yeosu after becoming an elderly couple.”

The day was also the last appearance day of ‘Shandol’ of Jang Bum Jun. Jang Bum-joon said, “I gave all my artistic sense to KBS. It was an unforgettable memory.”

On the other hand, “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns”, a growing story that dad and children make together for 48 hours without a mother, is broadcasted every Sunday at 4:50 pm on KBS 2TV.

Mobile stations, Sua, Sul, Shi’on, Gojiyeong and his son. Sam Hammington, his sons William and Bentley, Bong Tae-gyu and his son Shiha, tell a warm story of the family.

singer Jang Bumjun with her daughter Joa and son, “Superman is back” to get off. KBS 2TV “Superman returns” on the 19th is decorated with “cherry blossom ending” (anding).

The farewell greeting of the family will be drawn. Last March, the youngest Superman, Jang Bum-joon, who came to see Shandol as his father, showed a natural person. Jang Bum-joon, a novice dad who had difficulty cooking and washing children. But this program has led to the growth of Jang. Jang Bum – joon led bus kings in Yeosu with his daughter and son. I was nervous because I was the first bus king to go with my children. However, it is said that 19 months old surprised those who sing along with his dad’s sensibility.

The Goodbye greetings of the family are broadcasted at 6:20 pm today.

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