Group God Seven expressed gratitude to juniors who covered their songs in Mnet ‘Produce X101’.

In the Mnet ‘Produce X101’ interview, Gates Seven interviewed Gather Seven’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and ‘Lullaby’ in a new round of mini-album ‘SPINNING TOP’ I mentioned the cover.

Gods Seven members expressed their love and appreciation that they saw the ‘Produce X101’ stage. “I watched the stage recently because Mark showed us, I was very thankful for knowing us and inviting us to sing our songs,” said the gifted.

JB said, “I felt like the president would feel like this if I had a restaurant hidden in my neighborhood. I thought ‘I know what we are’ and ‘I have not died yet’.” Mark said, “‘Lullaby’ is a really tough piece.

“We also covered a lot of songs from our seniors,” said Mark. “The cover stage is mostly a hit song, but I did not think our song was that much.

“I like our song,” refused Mark. Mark said, “We are good, but …” I laughed with humility.

Meanwhile, Gates Seven releases a new mini album ‘SPINNING TOP’ at 6 pm on the 20th. It is a comeback after 5 months since the repackage album ‘Present: YOU’ & ME Edition ‘released last December.

The title song ‘ECLIPSE’ (Eclipse) is based on Future base, and JB participates in the writing and composition of JB. The album also features ‘1 °’ with a spinning top as a motif, ‘End’ with lyrics written by the folks, ‘TIME OUT’ (timeout) with a message that it is okay to relax in busy everyday life, JB’s “PAGE” (page), which tells us that he wants to write down his beloved moments as a diary.

Gates Seven will release his new mini album “SPINNING TOP” on the afternoon of the 20th and return to his title song “ECLIPSE”. On the day of comeback, God Seven interviewed at a cafe in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

In the recently produced Mnet survival audition program ‘Producer X101’, the contestants will compete with the debut song “Girls Girls Girls” of Godse Seven and the activity song “Lullaby” last year.

This news was also passed on to the song master, Gat Seven. Gifted, “Mark showed us ‘Producer X101’ a while back, and it was very much appreciated that the teams that prepared ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and ‘Laler Bai’ knew us. In some ways, it seems to be an occasion to feel proud that ‘you worked hard’. ”

JB said, “Maybe the bosses of the local restaurants are like this.” He shuddered nervously, saying, “I have a feeling that I have not died yet because my song is used. In particular, JB said, “In fact,

Mark said, “We’ve also covered the songs of our seniors at the beginning of their debut, but they usually do not cover the hit songs of our seniors. I personally think that there are not enough songs to represent God Seven in public, Produced X101 ‘, I realized that our song is that much. It is a wonderful and thankful thing to cover our stage. ”

This humility came when the world tour episode was introduced. JB said, “I was surprised at the big scale when I was performing in the US last year, and I wanted to say that, but I am preparing a new world tour” KEEP SPINNING “again this year. The performance is going to be really good and there is a will to do well. ”

Gates Seven, who returns to “Spinning Top” and “Eclipse” at 6 pm on the day, foreshadowed a wonderful stage to change humility to another conviction. The full-fledged activity of Godse Seven begins with a comeback live on the day.

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