Jang Seo-ah thought that Woo Jae-hee would be anxious the closer Hwang Na-ro was, so she tried to use him. In response, Hwang Naro approached, “Please look at the person who is the country that is not for shaking Jae-hee Woo.” Afterwards, Woo Jae-hee learned that Hwang Na-ro had served in prison with Park Pil-hong (Um Hyo-seop). But Hwang Naro pretended not to know.

Lee Bit Chae-woon felt a sense of distance from Woo Jae-hee. Jae-hee Woo asked to meet, but he was reluctant to think that he was carrying Jang Seo-ah. Lee Bit Chae-woon concealed his heart and met Woo Jae-hee from the early morning of the next day to confirm his love. And Woo Jae-hee informed Lee Bit Chae-woon that Lee Chun-seok (Jeong Jae-soon) had been to Lee Soon-jeong (Jeon In-hwa).

So Lee Bit Chae-woon went to Lee Chun-seok and tried to ask why he was visiting Lee Soon-jung. Lee Bit Chae-woon said, “Isn’t there any reason why my mother raised me? “What are you trying to cover upside down?” Lee Chun-seok said, “I did it for my daughter. Do you know that I decided from the beginning?” Lee Bit Chae-woon and Woo Jae-hee decided that Lee Soon-jung would definitely reveal something that was unfair.

Afterwards, Woo Jae-hee, who came to the scene with Lee Bit Chae-woon, tried to show a picture of Park Pil-hong, which he had received in a quick way the day before. However, the picture was written by Park Pil-hong, who received the quick look the day before. Not knowing this, Chaewoon Lee thought that the fake man in the photo was his father. Woo Jae-hee concealed the fact that Park Pil-hong served in prison.

Lee Man-jung (Kim Sun-young) remembered meeting Hwang Na-ro at the service last year after receiving a call from the prison medical service every year. Hwang Na-ro was regretful that Man-jung Lee continued to look at him, and he guessed where he might be, saying that it was time for Park Pil-hong (Eom Hyo-seop) to appear in front of Kim Jeong-won (Hwang Shin-hye).

Woo Woo Woo (Boo Seok) helped Lee Soon-jung who was listening to harsh words from Lee Chun-seok. After Friendship went into the house together, if Lee Chun-seok tried to talk harshly, he stopped it first. In particular, he said, “Because Jaehee Woo and Chaewoon Lee are in a relationship, we learned important things. He drew a line, saying, “I didn’t associate with Jang Seo-ah.” After Lee Chun-seok left Samgwang Villa with an unpleasant mind, he was worried that Lee Soon-jung would mention what had happened with him.

Lee Soon-jung recalled the words that Woo-Jung-hoo had advised after Lee Chun-seok and Woo-Jung-hoo returned. At this time, Woo Jae-hee returned to Samgwang Villa, and Lee Soon-jung asked Lee Bit Chae-un’s regards. Lee Soon-jung said, “Thank you so much for being next to Lee Bit Chae-un.” Afterwards, Woo Jae-hee, who visited the house after friendship that the boiler did not come in, was convinced by asking if Lee Soon-jung was her first love.

Cha Barun (Kim Si-eun) was greatly disappointed by Lee Ra-hoon (Raw-woon), who lied about not dating herself. This was the same for Kim Hwang-se (In Gyo-jin). Lee Hae-don, who received a scout offer from Joon-ah Jang (Dong-ha), refused the offer while showing interest. 

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