Oh Jong-hyuk confessed that he was sorry and grateful for letting fans know the news of the marriage in a handwritten letter following the announcement of the marriage in May.

Oh Jong-hyuk posted a handwritten letter on the fan cafe, which runs on the afternoon of membership, on the 5th, saying “I!

In the letter, he said, “I wanted to be shouted and celebrated myself.

Oh Jong-hyuk confessed to his fans and said, “He …. I thought about forty years ago, but … I’m going to go just before 40 …” Friend “.

He asked, “I’ll show you how to live better than any other words. Will you support me?”

On the day, DSP media side of Oh Jong-hyuk agency announced that Oh Jong-hyuk will be having a wedding with her non-celebrity girlfriend in May. Oh Jong-hyuk became the third click-out of stock after Kim Sang-hyuk and Evan (Yu Ho-seok).

Next is Oh Jong-hyuk’s letter

“I’m married!” 

… I shouted and wanted to be congratulated in person … I wasn’t intentionally letting you hear the news first.

 I was going to be the first to tell you this February 16th meeting … That was polite and in order …

I didn’t have time to write a letter. I’m embarrassed and upset, but I sincerely say to you who may have been more upset and upset than me. 


I thought I was going to forty years ago

Belief in me, a comfortable friend, I’m sure you’ll be able to picture your life well together. 

Improving the mess of things you do

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