In the tvN entertainment program’Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market’ (hereinafter’Nolto’) broadcast on the 19th, Moon Se-yoon took over as MC instead of Boom, while Dunmills and Song Min-ho appeared as guests.

On this day, the MC boom appeared as a VCR. Boom explained to the confused members, “It’s not a two-way live broadcast. It’s a video recorded at home. I’m in self-quarantine. Today, I can’t be with Nolto.”

Following that, Boom said, “I will choose the main character to play the role of the boom”, and then randomly selected one of the members. The member Boom chose was Moon Se-yoon. Moon Se-yoon was worried about the food, and the members promised to give it food.

Moon Se-yoon continued very fast to talk with the PD while the food introduction video was out. To the short-mouthed hater of hunger, I could only say “Please eat a lot”, which made me laugh. In addition, even when he saw his favorite blue crab soup, he expressed his tension, saying, “My appetite falls off.”

The first problem was TWICE’s’HELL IN HEAVEN’. The protagonist of One Shot was Key. The members chose blue crab soup instead of the second round of Hanchi sashimi. Accordingly, the members decided to write’Dungcheong’, hints for spacing, and a chance to listen again. However, no significant results were achieved.

Eventually, the members succeeded in reaching the 3rd challenge. The key point of the problem was’I can’t lose’ in line 3. This was captured by the key. The correct answer was,’If you want to have one, I will appease one / If you want, give me a chance / What can I do, I can’t lose it.

The snack was sweet red bean chestnut smoothie, and the game was’Guess the debut song!’ Nucksal, Shin Dong-yeop, Pio, Key, Han Hae, and Tae-yeon answered the questions in turn. Kim Dong-hyun, Song Min-ho, and Park Na-rae had a hard time in the group name of Girls’ Generation Tattice. Kim Dong-hyun and Song Min-ho went up in the final. The last smoothie was won by Song Min-ho.

The second problem was Giriboy’s’Skyblue’. The problem section was BW’s rap who participated in the featureing. The difficulty was considerable. As soon as he heard the key, he woke up and stood up from his seat. Among them, Hanhae, who was the same crew as Giriboy, showed confidence. As expected, one year won one shot. 

Dunmills’ performance continued. Hearing alone,’I was pretty cool when I was resting’. The correct answer was,’The owner of the studio building / He took a pretty good break when he was resting / but the summer is over / the humming sound has become muted’. As a result, the members achieved success in the second challenge and acquired the Hanchi-ho.

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