In the 15th and 16th episodes of the MBC drama ‘Men’s and Women’s Season 2’ broadcasted on the 25th, Baekbum (Jung Jae Young) and Gunsol (Jung Yum Mi) were shown to chase after the kidnapping of Han Soo Yeon (No Susanna). 

On the day of the abduction of Seo Hyun Lee, the daughter of Han Soo-yeon, the Dongbu District Prosecutor’s Office and the NPS’s family members were all shocked. 

Eunsol is a surprised Han Su – yeon, and recently asked carefully whether there was something he wanted to do. Han Su – yeon mentioned Seo Hyun ‘s shuttle bus driver and teacher. 

The shuttle bus driver was dismissed as a victim of Seo Hyun Lee ‘s retirement, and the teacher was married to Seo Su – yeon, who discovered the fact of child abuse. 

Eunsol once wanted to investigate the two people. Park Jung-ho (Joo Jin-mo) said that he should also consider grudging on the job. Baekbeom said there was a possibility of simple kidnapping. 

Sally (Kang Seung-hyun) found a hypnotic allergic reaction in Seo Hyun Lee’s eyes through the CCTV screen. The Dongbu District Prosecutors’ Office and the NPS group gathered in front of CCTV to see who put sleeping pills. 

At that time, Han Su – yeon called me. It was the kidnapper’s phone. The kidnappers asked Han Su-yeon to make 100 million cash. Han Soo-yeon went to the tangent place. The kidnappers noticed that the cops were caught up and let Han Su Yeon go into the locker room for the cafe staff and change clothes.

Han Soo-yeon was driven by the kidnapper’s instructions and was deprived of money by a kidnapper on a motorcycle. The kidnapper escaped. Gang Dong-sik (Park Joon-kyu) shot a kidnapper, but the kidnapper ran away again. 

In the process, a car accident hit the car with a kidnapper. The kidnapper was bleeding severely and was immediately taken to a weekly hospital. Jang Chul (Nomin Woo) took emergency surgery. 

At that time, in the National Diet, Seohyun was hypothermic and was irritated by the fact that the survival time was short. 

Jangchul tried to save the kidnappers but the kidnappers died. Han Soo-yeon was the only one who knew where Seo-hyun was. 

The Nuksu people were devastated when they heard about the death of the kidnappers. “I am not done yet,” said Baek, bringing the body right away. 

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