In the 7th episode of SBS Wolhwa Drama ‘Nobody Knows’ (Director Kim Eun-hyang / Director Jung-Hum Lee) broadcast on March 23, Cha Young-jin (Kim Seo-hyung) discovered the body of Kevin Jung (Min Sung-wook).

Cha Young-jin and Lee Seon-woo (Ryu Deok-hwan) questioned that Jang Ki-ho (Kwon Hae-hyo) saved by Go Eun-ho (Ahn Ji-ho) once lived as a brother at the same time as Sang-won Seo (Kang Shin-il). Then, Cha Young-jin was informed that Go Eun-ho opened his eyes, but Go-eun-go was asleep after he opened his eyes with a loud noise.

Ko Eun-ho’s mother, Jeong So-yeon (who was Jang Young-nam), was furious to see Cha Young-jin at the hospital first because she did not answer the phone, and Lee Sun-woo was shocked to see Ko Eun-ho’s caregiver Kim Tae-hyeong (Seo Young-ju). Taehyung Kim was a teacher in the past, Lee Seon-woo. Lee Sun-woo recalled the past when he was hit by a chair and bleeding while trying to prevent Kim Tae-hyung’s school violence, and wondered why Kim Tae-hyung was a caregiver of Ko Eun-ho.

Paik Sang-ho (Park Hun-min), who threw 30 million won from the Millennium Hotel by Eun-ho Ko, kidnapped Kevin Jung (Min Sung-wook) and Lee Young-sik, and showed a cruel demon-like appearance. Paik Sang-ho provoked Kevin Jung and Lee Young-shik to revive only one of them, and made them attack each other and enjoyed watching them.

Cha Young-jin and Lee Sun-woo noticed when Go Eun-ho’s bag disappeared, and knew that there was a bag until Go Eun-ho returned to Jang Ki-ho the day after school. Cha Young-jin said, “Then you came to me after that.” Cha Young-jin went to school to investigate again from Ham Min-sung (Yoon Jae-yong), and even Baek Sang-ho came to meet Joo Dong-myeong (Yoon Chan-young) to find Jang Ki-ho.

At that time, Joo Dong-myeong had a problem with Ham Min-sung, knowing that Ha Min-sung had the driver Chae-hoon Choi and crashed Go Eun-ho on the roof of the hotel. When Cha Young-jin and Lee Sun-woo ran, Joo Dong-myung grabbed Hammin-sung’s cheeks and Hamin-sung was bleeding. Lee Sun-woo thought that Ju Dong-myeong had beaten Hammin-sung, but Cha Young-jin said, “Dong-myeong is not like that.”

To Cha Young-jin, Baek Sang-ho said, “Are you looking for those who have sinned in my hotel? He said the buyer touched the seller. “Isn’t it curious?” He said, “I am choosing salvation over justice.” Lee Seon-woo moved Ha Min-sung to the hospital, and Cha Young-jin took Joo-dong Myung to the police station, and Baek Sang-ho’s words caught him and headed for Kevin Chung’s house.

Kevin Jung was dead in the bathroom holding the bag of Cha Eun-jin and Lee Sun-woo, who were looking for Eun-ho Ko. Cha Young-jin said in a book in the Eun Go-ho bag, ‘I can’t tell. However, it was awkward to see the words ‘Please help me.’ 

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