On July 12, SBS entertainment information program “ full-fledged entertainment midnight ” revealed the figure of Nam Gung-min who turned into a daily reporter.

In the broadcast, Nam Gung-min said to Yoo Jae-pil, “Why did you come so late. I kept waiting.

In addition, Nam Gung-min received various tips from Yoo Jae-pil and caught the eye by showing him “We will trade Im Dong-gyu,” a famous pronoun of ‘Stop Brig’.

Afterwards, Nam Gung-min conducted an interview with Cho Byung-kyu, who is also starring in ‘Stories’. Jo Byung-kyu was embarrassed by Nam Gung-min when he asked, “How about a boss like Baek Seung-soo?” In addition, Nam Gung-min showed good progress by leading Cho Byung-kyu’s vocal imitation.

Following Cho Byung-kyu, Nam Gung-min met Yoon Byung-hee. Nam Gung-min asked Yoon Byung-hee that ‘the three are authentic Gangnam-do’, and Yun Byung-hee replied, “With our son, three generations are certain, orthodox, and eight school districts are right.” However, Nam Gung-min had no reactions, and he laughed.

Nam Gung Min also interviewed Park Eun-bin. He introduced himself to Park Eun-bin as “Operation Team Manager” and “I’m ‘Midnight’ Reporter Nam Gung-min.” He showed his progression leading to Park Eun-bin’s famous pronoun, “You Got Over You.”

He asked Park Eun-bin to ask, “If ‘Stop Brig’ is a melodrama, who would choose Nam Gung-min or Cho Byung-kyu?”

Lastly, Nam Gung-min expressed his hope that he would like to challenge the reporter again, and he exemplified the answer to Dream’s fate: “Check out the day after tomorrow (February 14).”

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