In KBS 2TV’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Amhaengeosa: Chosun Secret Investigation Division’ (hereinafter’Amhaengeosa’), Seonggyeom (Kim Myung-soo), Hong Da-in (Kwon Nara), and Park Chun-sam (Lee Lee Kyeong), who went along with them Was drawn.

Seong-gyeom, who joined the camp on this day, looked at Hong Da-in’s face and stroked her cheek while sleeping. Then, when Seong-gyeom went outside, Hong Da-in also woke up and asked, “Why did you get up already?” Seong-gyeom joked, “Who is snoring next to him and can he sleep?”

Da-in Hong asked, “It’s the same for me that I couldn’t sleep. Why did you keep putting my head on my head?” He added, “I woke up. Nari did that too.” Then Seong-gyeom stroked Hong Da-in’s cheek again and said, “I’m still there, but I guess you didn’t like it.”

Then, Hong Da-in said, “I don’t know who it will be, but a woman who sleeps with Nari and covers a blanket will suffer quite a bit.” In response, Seong-gyeom said, “Then you will suffer quite a bit. We haven’t had a lot of itinerary in the future. We will spend several nights together.” He then laughed, saying, “I don’t care. Even if you snore or grind your teeth, you can grind them all and get rid of them.”

Afterwards, Hong Da-in and Seong-gyeom went to the battlefield and met the leader. He ordered his subordinates to catch Hong Da-in, saying, “The day we meet again, it was your ritual day. Catch it.” Seong-gyeom blocked this, and the two battled against Hong Da-in in battle. If he wins, Seong-gyeom asked Hong Da-in to grant a wish.

The owner of the battlefield said, “Yes, yes. There can be no such a nice guy.” In the ensuing confrontation, the opponent’s hand was good enough for everyone to cheer. However, Seong-gyeom’s defeat against him was the’Jang Ding’ to beat him. His hand that Hong Da-in saw was not Jang Ding. When Seong-gyeom said “I played well” and tried to leave, the leader attacked the two, saying, “Do you dare fool me?”

Seonggyeom grabbed Hong Da-in’s hand and ran away, and on the way, even Park Chun-sam met and the three ran together. Afterwards, Hong Da-in asked, “What I saw wasn’t jangdang. What happened?” Seong-gyeom made Hong Da-in absurd when he honestly said, “I hid the hand to beat you when I confronted you.”

Then Seong-gyeom saw Kang Soon-ae (Jo Su-min) and was attacked by Pozol, and Dain and Chun-sam were also caught while running away. Chun-sam said, “I’m fine. Go, Mr. Mistress,” but Dain returned to his beaten appearance. Seong-gyeom was caught in front of the leader. He said, “You guys went and counted the bills.” Afterwards, Hong Dain and Park Chun-sam also arrived, and when the leader tried to cut Dain’s tongue, Seonggyeom attacked.

At that time, an arrow flew from afar and helped the group of warriors. Seong-beom (Lee Tae-hwan) appeared, saying, “Abandon the weapon.” Seong-beom, who returned the group, surprised everyone by saying “It’s been a long time, elder brother.”

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