Myeongjin Monk, a Buddhist representative representing the era, appeared in MBC’s Bae Cheol-soo Jam broadcasted on the 23rd. 

“I’m on the other side of me. If I am a system compliant, this is a system challenge. I look at the injustice of society, but I endure it, but this guy is like a teenage student,” said Myeongjin Monk.

Chulsoo Bae brought up the story of deprivation of the victory and asked if he was right to call him a monk. Myeongjin Monk said, “It is Master’s abbreviation that the word monk doesn’t even make sense. There are people who say ‘I am Myeongjin Monk’ when they talk about it. It’s like” I am Myeongjin Master. ” “I’m not a teacher, but it’s burdensome. I like Myeongjin and I don’t hate Myungjin. I like Myeongjin.”

Myeongjin Monk said, “If you tell someone a helpful story, you can hear the monk’s voice regardless of age and gender. If you shave your head and wear a robe, you will be disgusted, or if you do something that is not profitable for a story, or if you live a personal life, you will be a monk. “It is often the case that the content is not a monk.”

Myeongjin Monk, who lives in Daegwanryeong, Gangwon-do, said, “There are people who want to hear me, so I gather about 100 people once a month through simple meetings.” Snowboarding was also revealed with a high level of skill, creating a surprise.

Regarding the reasons for enjoying snowboarding, swimming, etc., “I have a strong personality. I’m afraid I’m afraid to go out to the sea alone. I’m excited about the challenge. I started surfing last year. I feel like I’m 70 years old. “If you live alone, there is no irony. There is a saying that you shouldn’t talk about life without holding your child with a fever and knocking on the door of the hospital.”

In the late 60s, Euljiro 1, an azit for young people, released an anecdote acting as a DJ for the famous music cafe Kilimanjaro. “There was Kilimanjaro in the basement. I often went to the DJ, and the older brother, who was watching the DJ, made a big hit when he was away. It was in high school.”

Introducing the popular pop song ‘Delilah’ by John Johnson and ‘Wooly Bully’ by Sam the Sam and the Pharaohs, and Bae Cheol-soo, a pop music expert, boasted surprising pop knowledge. Myeongjin monk praised, “If you listen to Bae Cheol-soo’s ‘rain water’, your heart will tingle. I feel dry sorrow. No one can imitate the vibration.”

He showed love for BTS. “How do the lyrics of the BTS build a fortress like that? Do you think religion comforts our lives? It’s only to deceive people. It threatened to go to hell, and it became a means of stealing money. Religion, rather than giving people comfort and giving strength and courage, I felt like watching the lyrics of a BTS song. Amida from BTS can replace religion. Amida from Amitabha. “

Next, “Love Your Self,” there is a passage in the scriptures when I listen to this song with my thoughts on how to love myself. Recently, ‘Black Swan’ was also released. I deepen my philosophical thoughts. I think that the sound is not only beautiful, but that there is tremendous anguish in the sound. ”

After hearing Taeeun Chun’s Park Eun-ok’s ‘Leaving Ship’, she also confessed her sad story. “My brother went to the Navy in 1974. At the time, he died in a YTL sinking that was a big accident. I sang this song a lot,” he missed.

“I thought it was very unfortunate since I was very young. My mother died early, my family was ruined and I went to elementary school six times. There were two middle schools. I went to nine places until high school. I lived in a place like Jeoksan’s house and played with high-end toys.I had a concubine when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school.My father had a lot of money and a good character.He was similar to me.My mother is similar to me. “I ate and died,” he said.

“My father was the youngest and my mother was the eldest daughter of three boys and one girl. The eldest daughter of the rich man left like that. The anger of my grandmother was great. When I went to my family during vacation, I said, ‘Do you know why your mother died?’ My grandmother said, “My grandmother is a tough year. How do I take my breath when the young ones are trampled in.” The two came in. The mother and father of the world have river-like fathers, mountain-like mothers without this concept. “I lived alone. My anger was great. My life wasn’t smooth.”

He also revealed the reason for leaving home. “I went to study at Gwaneumsa Temple in Muju, Jeollabuk-do, during the summer vacation in 1968. I was having trouble in Seoul, too. My life changed there. I wondered why other people weren’t so unhappy. There is a present, a future, the sins you committed in the past life appear in this life, and what you do in this life is making the karma that I should receive in my next life. ”I understood. When I went to college, I asked what I was going to do and how I would do if I lived well.After all, I said, ‘I’m studying like I’m going to die after living like that.’ The man said, “I am a Buddha.” After the monk went, I read a Buddhist scripture. “I decided to go.”

The monk, who was also imprisoned in a detention center, said, “I was worried about what I could not understand and what to learn. Pastor Ina came to the fore, but we had a lot of troubles like this: In 86, we created the Buddhist Oppression Committee and watched the society of the Haeinsa Monk Contest. “Would you bless me and wish me to go to paradise? I have to resist the pain, oppression and injustice in the world.

On this day, actor Ahn Seok-hwan made a special appearance. He said that he had been in a relationship with Monk Myeongjin for about 10 years, and expressed respect by conveying the misunderstanding that he had heard of Myungjin Monk.

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