Kim Soo – mi led a donation relay of viewers with a huge donation of 2 million won during the broadcast.

In MBC entertainment program “My Little TV V2” broadcasted on the 10th, an actor Kim Soo Mi, a broadcaster Kim Guura, a history lecturer Choi Tae Sung, and a comedian Jung Hyung Don have been broadcasted.

Kim Soo-mi, who said, “Do not expect it, I will do it today.” On that day, Kim Su – mi said he would proceed with the contents of the consultation for viewers. However, the fans’ requests “I swear” was flooded with requests, and Kim Soo – mi was laughing with a cool swearing. The director of the camera said, “I am worried about not getting up in the morning.” So Kim said, “Do not go to the house, do not go to the house, try to keep the heater on in the winter.” Thanks to the camera director’s willingness to work has risen. “I feel like my boyfriend’s mind has changed in the past seven months,” he said. “I was at this time in seven months,” he said.

In the meantime, Kim Soo – mi said she had not been able to love her. I promised my marriage and I went to see my parents, but my parents said that they were “pretty parents, unable to come out of college, and celebrities were in jobs.” However, my mother-in-law said that she decided to get married because she gave herself “How old did you have to have your parents early?” Kim Soo – mi followed ‘Unboxing’ content. Kim Si – Mi, who sprinkled fake money, donated two million won to one viewer. It turns out that Kim Su – mi has made money through the manager. Kim Su-mi said, “I do not think I can shoot 500,000 won, but I do not shoot.” “South Korean actress Kim Soo-mi will shoot 2 million won.” Kim Soo-mi’s big donation followed the donation relay of viewers.

Jong Hyung Don and Dong Hyun Kim in ‘Dongjong Nam TV’ headed to the dojo for the ‘Jiu-yitsu tournament with viewers’. The ages and professions of viewers who applied for confrontation varied. Applicants were long enough to ride to the prize contest and taping around their hands. There were also practitioners who had been doing jiujit for more than a year although they were in the sixth grade of elementary school. Jung Hyung-don’s preliminary opponent won the 24-year-old Ayeong (Tiffany) who wanted to try out the triangle technique for Jung Hyung-don. Jung Hyung-don showed his unexpected ability when the game started. Jung Hyung – don won a 9: 0 victory with a variety of techniques at Ahn, and advanced to the final.

Kim Gura and Chang Young-Ran talked about hair loss and hair loss hair stylist Lee Mi-young. The guest who came to consult the trouble on this day is singer Sung Wan Wan. He introduced himself as “rebel” (half balm). Lee Mi-young, who has seen her head, said, “I can cover her style well enough.” Lee Mi-young said, “It is M-shaped hair loss in upper case, and O-shaped hair loss on the crown is also under way.” Lee Mi-young said, “The side view is not turned off. Lee Mi-young, hair over the head and how to massage the scalp was told.

Another client appeared. Ji Ho who sang on a broadcast with Hong Jin Young. Jiho said, “The day when the wind blows is a problem, it is exposed.” Ji-ho and Jung-wan opened up the song “Amor Party” by Kim Yeon-ja as “Talmorr Party”. Kang Jun-woo, who was watching the broadcast, was pleased with 500,000 won to pray for the successful transformation of the style.

Choi Tae-sung, the first lecturer, presented ‘cook + history’ contents, which combine food and history together with comedian Yoo Min-sang and girl group Promise NaNoji Line. Choi Tae Sung explained the history of Pyongyang food, especially cold noodles. Delivery aid was cold noodles. Choi Tae – sung said, “I ran a bicycle during the Japanese colonial period and put 20 cold noodle bowls on one hand and ran a flashlight and a soup kettle on one hand. It was one of the historical figures who liked cold noodles. Soonjo also delivered the noodles and cold noodles at the young age, watching the moon. Kojong was also a cold noodle mania enough to eat cold noodles throughout the four seasons. Choi Tae – sung caught my eye with this delicious food after the story of this intriguing history. For the first time in Pyongyang’s cold noodles, Anugjin did not hide the embarrassment. However, after eating a few times, “I do not think it is delicious, but I think I know what it means to say,” he spread the food like an advertisement.

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