In KBS 2TV weekend drama “My Beautifulest Daughter in the World,” which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 22nd, marriage problems of Kang Mi-ri (Kim So Yeon) and Han Tae-ju (Hong Jong Hyun) rose.

On the same day, Park Sun-ja (Kim Hae-sook) met with him in a call to Han Jong-soo. Dong Bang Woo said to Park, “I am going to ask you about the marriage of the children, but I am afraid that my son, who is like me, is hanging on to your daughter. I do not know if I want to do that. “If you marry my family, you do not have to worry about eating it in the future,” he said.

“I do not have any interest in marriage, I do not think that my daughter is not my sister, and I do not think her son needs to marry me,” she said. It is important to know what is important, what is important, what is important, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat and what to eat. I’m going to marry you, you want to sell your daughter. Han Jong-soo laughed at the giggle of Park Sun-jae, and said, “My daughter is like her mother, and I apologize if it happened to me suddenly and I apologize if you feel bad during the conversation. I want to have a meal in this month, but what do you think about the wife, think about it and see you soon? “

After Han Tae-tae entered the room of Han Jong-su, I was embarrassed to see him. Han Tae-tae took Park Sun-ja directly to his house and took a spare mother-in-law. He asked Han Tae-ju why he liked Kang Mi-ri and watched Han-tae’s sincerity. So, she got serious about her daughter ‘s marriage problem.

Kang Myeong-ri, who had been married to Han Jong-su, visited Jeon In-sook and revealed the facts. Kang Myeong-ri said, “I am confident and will do now, I can not do it anymore, I will say everything now.” However, Jeon In-sook refused to marry and asked me to leave the company. Kang Myeong-ri said, “If I refuse here, I do not think that you will worry about it. Why did not you expect that a president would die if he did not know that he would allow us to marry?”

So Jeon In Sook visited Han Jong Soo. Jeon In-sook said, “I am in the house, and I admit that there are some things I do not like about my company and I made mistakes, but after the death of my brother I have been doing my best. I poured it on Taejoo for 30 years, “he said. If you want to marry Taeju and Kangmyung, I will not be able to get back to you because I can not go back to this issue. I’ll leave everything behind and leave this house. ” Han Jong – su, who heard these words, became angry. Kang Myeong-ri was worried that she could not reveal the truth to Han Tae-ju.

Kang Mi-seon (Yoo Sun-min) suspected that her husband Jung Jin-soo (Lee Won-jae) had frequent outings. So he went after him and went home. Kang Mi-sun, who had a lot of worries, confessed this to his colleagues and suspected her husband’s desire. Hamyok (Park Jung Soo) suspected the relationship between her husband, Jeong Dae-chul (Yu Hyun-chun), and her friend, a pharmacist who runs a local pharmacy. After the quarreling, the two men were told to live without talking to each other.

Kang Mi-hye (Kim Hye-kyung) was reminded of Kim Su-jin’s confessions. The next day Kim Woo Jin seemed to have nothing happening, and Kang Mi-hye, who became more upset, met his ex-boyfriend Jae-bum (Nam-tibu). Kang Mi-hye still said to Jang Jae-bum, who likes himself, “I do not see you as a man because I’m in a situation like this.” He said, “So what did I want you to do? Let ‘s take care of each one as if it’ s your job to like Kim Woo – jin, and I will like you for a year no matter what you say. The next day Kang Mi-hye once again confessed his mind to Kim Woo-jin, but he was rejected and showed tears.

Han Tae-woo, who returned home, was embarrassed to know that Han Jong-su had not only talked to Park but also told Kang Mi-ri about his marriage. Jeon In – sook went directly to. Jeon In-suk said, “Where is the place I have been to today?” Hansung Group Bon-ga is a company where Seung-hyun goes, and I am the place where I am. So I tried to study abroad. ” So, he was embarrassed greatly.

Han Tae-tae has come to Jeon In-sook who gave his resignation. She said, “It is not the representative position, I am more important to you than me.” Soon Tae-gwang asked why she was against her and Kang Mi-ri. But Jeon In-suk persuaded, “If you two get married, you can not be happy, you will get noisy as the day goes by. Please do not get married. However, Han Tae-tae stressed, “I will never make Kang Mi-ri unhappy.

Kang Myeong-Ri went to visit Park. “I’m sorry,” Kang said. However, Park said, “It was a year of wasting time, because I had committed a crime in my past life, and I was born with such a sin, and after I had sinned, I was abandoned by my mother when I was six years old. I do not know who I like to do because I do not like to do it. ” “I do not have such a law in the world, even if I have a law to die with you, but I do not want to die with you, I rather die with you and me.

Returning home, Kang Mye Ri called Han Tae-ju. He asked Han Tae-ju to meet him. He went to Jeonin Sook. Park said to Jeon In-sook, “You are a human being, how can you put a spike in your chest? You will kill me today.”

On the other hand, ‘My Daughter, the Most Beautiful in the World’ is a drama that conveys comfort to all the mothers and daughters alive in this age through the stories of four women who have become love relationships in a day like war. It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.

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