In the 9th and 10th episodes of SBS drama “Mung Bean Flower” broadcasted on the 10th, Baekyang (Kyeongseok) joined as a soldier.

On this day, the announcement of Baek Hyun (Yun Suyon)’s conscription was reported to Baekga (Park Hyeok-kwon). Baggawa and Chae (Hwang Young-hee) were frustrated with the sudden announcement of the conscription, but it was already impossible.

At that time, Bae Hyun was with Hwangmyosim (Park Gyoung) who came to see him. Baek Hyun looked at the bull’s-eye with a shotgun in front of Sung Hwang, who saw himself as a hundred year old student, and Hwang Myeong – shim was surprised that he was a “bullet”.

However, for a while, the soldiers who informed the recruitment of Bae Lee Hyun appeared. Hwang Myung-shim said, “I can not do that.” However, Bae-hyun said, “I am stronger than I think you are.

Since then, Bae Hyun hit the crisis situation in the gap between soldiers and soldiers. Especially because of those who aimed at the shotgun of Bae Hyun was not disrupted. This appearance was captured by Song Jae-in (Han-il Lee). Bae said, “Do you know where you are?” Bae replied, “I do not know.”

Among them, Baek Lee River was reunited with Jeon Bong-joon (Choi). Baek Lee said, “I was told that I was causing illness. However, Jun Bongjoon heard that he had killed one of his compatriots with Baek Ryang-eun (Kim Do-yeon) and said, “Go back, you do not need a murderer anyway.”

So, Baek Lee, “I can not do this to me, what did you say when you smashed my hands, did not my dick die?” I said to myself, “I have suffered so much to regenerate into Baekyang River.”

One of the drivers followed him. He persecuted the people of Baekgyeong and tried to kill Baekyang by mentioning the grudges of his days when he was a dick. This was blocked by a butler. While blocking the will of the burdock, Baekyang said, “Do not dream of living as a sick man, but live in a lifetime as a sinner and die.”

After that, Baekgang helped Baekga, Chae, and Baek Ehwa to hide. Baek Ryang said, “I think I have done everything,” he said, leaving the baggage and saying, “Volunteer as a volunteer.”

When I answered that I did not want the Baekgyeong, Baekgwa said, “Lee Hyun is there, you go and take care of yourself. Then he said, “Do you think the world will be fine for you to start off?”

Since then, the Baekgang has been confused by making the tomb of the tribe alone. For a while, the Baekgang followed the soldiers. The soldiers were attacking the military base under the direction of Chun Bong-joon.

Baek Hyun Baek, who was in charge of this, was in a crisis. However, the soldiers did not kill the enemy. Bae Lee Hyun took care of the enemy threats and rescued the crisis, and then faced Baekyang River.

Baek Lee-gang said, “It’s okay, follow me.” He led Baek Hyun and led me to a safe place. Then Baek Lee River nailed “I can not go together”. He jumped into the battle of the soldiers, saying, “I will go my way, no matter how much I die.”

Since then, the Baekje River has been fighting with the soldiers, and the explosive warehouse has burst and lost its spirit. Such a sacrifice was made by Jun Bong Joon and the soldiers. I woke up Baek Lee River, “the price of the dick, Baekgangyi to pay back,” said firmly said.

In the end, Chun Jung Jun turned his mind. Jun Bong-joon said, “You have to take the prize.” He gave Choi Kyung-sun (Min Seong-wook) Baek Ryang, and Baek Ryang was delighted and shook hands with Jun Bong-joon. Previously, Bae Lee Hyun was the ‘New Day Greeting Act’ that Baekyang told.

Bae Hyun was watching this figure. Bae Lee Hyun kept the complexion of Baek Lee and his soldiers in a complicated look and turned him into a sad thing.

Since then, Baekgang has been conscious as a driver. It was followed by Dong Bong Joon and Baek Yi River and other people including Cheong Wa Dae. This was watched by the sender and Baek supported the river and raised his curiosity about the future development.

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