Yoon Sik Yoon came down to Jeonju directly to grasp their intentions.

On June 22, SBS drama “Mungo Flower” (playful chung Hyun-min / runner-in-the-head drama) was broadcast on June 22, and in the 36th session, the characters of Jeonbongjun (Choi) and Songjain (Haneley) were drawn.

Song Ji-joon visited Jeon Bong-joon and said he would give me a gun to collect and Jeon-la-ro. However, Chun Bong Joon did not believe in Song Jian who was just the best. Song Jae-in refers to Bae-hyun (Yoon, Si-yoon), who became the chief of the Chun-woo-ga, and said, “I saw why the people were violating the kingdom and saw a more terrible royal family and coordination. However, it was no worse than Bae Hyun’s change, “he said.” I do not want Chosun’s Changsik to change like Bae Hyun. You have to trust me. “

Japan, which defeated the North-South fleet, had a plan to advance into the Manchuria, the Shodong, and deep into the continent. Donghak, who secured the military fortune through the innkeeper, visited the Jeolla provincial bureau and showed the support of Gojong (Lee Yoon-kun) and promised arms support.

The Baekgang was angry with Baekga (Park Hyeok-kwon), who was trying to chase him and Jun-hee (Seo Young-hee). Bakke said, “Dogs are a mouthful before they bite. If I do not take them, June warns me, “said Baek Lee. I hope not. “

Hwang Myeong-shim, who received the fingers of the people after being married from the same diners, was kidnapped by the men of Pastor Naju while returning from the same institution. The Baekgang River, which followed them, sought the Sulfur in the river after suppressing it with force.

When he heard that he had been excommunicated from Donghak because he had hidden the Taegeum of the Baekje River from Takeda (Lee Ki-chan), Bae-hyun went to Jeonju to confirm that Chun Bong-jun had no real will.

Bae Lee Hyun was reunited with the Honggha (Cho Hee-bong) who was working for the Japanese troops while he was heading to Jeonju. Hong hung Baik Hyun ‘s ankle and asked him to kill him. But Bae Lee Hyun told him to follow him and said, “I wanted a man like you. A man who used to remember me. And I can not go back to the past, “he said.

Byeokgang went to Jeon Bongjun and knelt down to do whatever he could to keep the dockhouse. Jun Bong Joon told Baek Yi Kang to help the martyrs and instructed them to help him. The Baek Lee River was aware of the deep meaning of Jeon Bong-joon, who deceived himself, and the mind of Song-jin who misunderstood that he supplied military medicine to Japan.

Bae Hyun came to the place of Song Jae-in. Bae said that he would stay for a few days in the square, and Bae was embarrassed by the appearance of Bae Hyun. 

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