In the 10th SBS drama ‘Mung Butterfly’ 10th broadcast, Song Jae-in (Han Han-ri) was shown to help Bae Hyun-hyun.

On that day, Bae Hyun was conscripted on the plot of Hwang Suk Ju (Choi Won Young). Bae Lee Hyun has promised to live by delivering a token to Sang Sang (Park Gyoung) who shed his tears.

Baek Yi-kang (Tongseok) visited Jeon Bong-joon (Choi Sung-sung). “I am going to do it,” said Baek Lee. However, Song Hee-ok (Lee Tae-gum) as well as Jeon Bong-joon (Choi) was also opposed.

A lightning strike (Bae Heon) appeared in front of Baek-ri, who was disappointed, and tried to kill Baek-ri. At that moment, the willows (rowing) appeared and struck the cheek of the lightning and said, “Is it desperate to desert it?” Lightning said, “I still have to let go of the family,” Butler said, “Is your family alive when you kill him?”

I did not know that the family of Lightning died, the Baekgang said, “My family is dead?” I was surprised. Willie said, “I was killed because I was escaped, so do not dream of being a soldier. I will die as a sinner for a lifetime.”

Then, Baek Lee moved to Baekga (Hyeokwon), Chae (Hwang Younghee) and Baek Ehwa (Baek Eun Hye) to a safe place. Baek told Baek Yi Kang to go back to the army to protect Baek Hyun-hyun, and the Baik-gang declared to the people who kept calling him “I am no longer a cock.”

Meanwhile, the soldiers lacking gunpowder attacked the white weapon window. I was worried about Bae Hyun, and the Baek Lee River ran away with Bae Hyun. Baek Lee said, “I can not go back to you, I told you, I will go my way, saying that I will live by Baekyang River instead of my cock.”

Within a short period of time, the Baekje River sought lightning and stood on the side of soldiers. Jun Bong-joon said, “How is he giving hospitality?” The Baek Lee River said, “We need to pay back the price of the dick, Baek-ri.” In the end, Jeon Bong-joon asked Choi Kyung-sun to take Baek-ri. Baekyang asked for a new style of greetings taught by Bae Lee Hyun with gratitude, and he became a Donghak army officially. The Donghak peasant army then raged Baeksan.

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