Does Choi Choi accept Sans Han ‘s proposal in SBS’ Mung Bean Flower ‘?

The most prominent thing in the 33 ~ 34th ‘Mung Bean Flower’ broadcast on the 21st was the awareness and change of Song Ji-in. It was not the one who was born as the daughter of Jangsu and dreamed of the colossus but chose to walk for the country and the people. Her change, coupled with the background of the turbulent Chosun, provided a deep resonance in the house theater.

The sender was shocked when he saw Bae Hyun-hyun (Yoon, Sun-yoon) who changed 180 degrees. It was Bae Hyun who wanted to light up the flowering in Joseon and became a ‘soni’, and the pain of the age when he made him felt scary and cruel. Eventually, after a long disturbance, Song Jae-in went to Mung Du general Jeong Bong-joon (Choi Sung-min), who is planning a martyr according to the name of King Gojong. And declared that he would give Chun Jung-mi and JeonRoBo to the Chun Bong Joon.

A subjective female lady who dreamed of a colossus and chased a story. He decided to give up his benefits, take risks, and help Chun Bong Joon and Donghak Peasant. The 33-34 ending of ‘Mung Bean Flower’, which contains the composer’s determination and change, made the audience more nervous.

Meanwhile, the production team of ‘Mung Buto Flower’ on 22nd revealed the appearance of Song Jae-in and Jeon Bong-joon right after the ending of 33 ~ 34 times.

The photographer in the photograph stands in front of Jeon Bong-joon with a determined look and expression. I feel her will and determination without any shaking. Jeon Bong-joon, who is always bold and does not easily fluctuate, is somewhat surprised. I am curious to know what kind of dialogue the two people will share in the future, and whether or not they will agree with the decision of the sender.

“Mung flower” production team, “the change of characters in our dramas is a very important keyword. It is the pain of the times that causes the change. ” Jeon Bongjun has changed the way of Baekyang River (Kung Seok Seon) and Baek Hyun (Yoon Sik Yoon) in a different way. And this time, it seems to affect the person who predicted the change of the whole life. The producers said, “I would like to ask for your interest and expectation for the story of ‘Mung Butterfly’ which will become more powerful along with the change of the musician.

‘Mung Bean Flower’ 35 ~ 36 times today (22) will be broadcast at 10 pm.

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