‘Money game’ Shim Eun-kyung did not follow the exchange rate manipulation instructions and kept his belief.

In the seventh episode of the TVN tree drama ‘Money Game’, which was broadcast on the 5th, the war between Chae Lee-heon and Koo Jae-min started.

On the day, the deputy prime minister called Chae Lee-hun at an emergency meeting and asked, “Why did you oppose Chung’s sale of the Bahamas? Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister called Chae Heon separately and instructed him to “get Huh Jae.”

In the situation that Jae-jae watches, Chae Lee-Hun replied, “The answer is one. It is a devilish punishment fund. It has been profitable through severe restructuring after selling the company. Subsequently, he pointed out that the person who led the sale was Heo Jae-jae. He also made a false report to the president. He may not have reported enough to the deputy prime minister.

Heo shouted, “If the Deputy Prime Minister did not know the Bahamas, it was incompetent. Then left Chai Lee to say “no drink”.

Huh Jae, who later met Chae Heon separately, warned, “This is the last warning. If you stumble in front of me again, then you will also kill.” Chae Lee asked “Did you say?” Heo Jae replied “Yes.”

Chae Lee-hun asked Lee Hye-jun (Sim Eun-kyung), who met at the dinner, “What do you have to say to the manager of Western Woo (Yoo Seung-mok). Lee Hye-Jun recalled the testament left by Western cows, and said, “I heard that ‘Kum and Yu’.” Then Chae Lee Heon said, “He said you killed too.” You, “not” you “.

Drunk Chae Lee-hun sat in front of his father’s house and recalled his childhood memories. Chae Lee-Hun fell asleep in response to the call of the Deputy Prime Minister. The deputy prime minister later told Chae Lee-heon, saying, “Let’s stop it. Cards must be clear in order to blow away.” Chae Lee-Hun thought for a while, thinking of Huh Jae-jae, “I’ll try to use you as a tool.”

Meanwhile, Na Joon-pyo (CHOI Byung-mo) threatened Lee Hye-joon to take responsibility for the demonstrations that attracted public officials. Lee Hye-jun headed somewhere with Na Joon-pyo, and there was Bao’s Eugene (Yu Oh).

Na Jun-pyo instructed Lee Hye-jun, “Try a smoothing operation. No matter how much, more than 1250 won. 1250.1 won.” 

Chae, Lee, who had noticed the exchange rate in advance, was behind the scenes by installing CCTV. However, when Lee Hye-Jun appeared, she was confused, and she watched Lee Hye-Jun through CCTV. But Lee Hye-jun did not move.

Na Joon-pyo called Yu Jin-han urgently saying, “There is a problem. Lee Hye-joon is not moving. Eventually, Lee Hye-joon did nothing, and while watching it, Chae Lee-Hun smiled. 

After Eugene Han grabbed Lee Hye-jun’s fat man and shouted, “I don’t know how much it flew.” Lee Hye-jun responded, “I’m not responsible.”

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