In the 9th episode of the tvN tree drama ‘Money Game’ (played by Lee Young-mi / Director Kim Sang-ho), which aired on February 12, the reason why Chae Lee-heon (courier) was given the position of the head of the International Finance Bureau by the deputy prime minister, Hui-jae (Lee Sung-min) lost.

On this day, Chae Lee was writing a resignation letter and Heo Jae visited Chae Lee’s house. Huh Jae saw this and suggested the position of chief of the division to Chae Lee, who was writing a resignation letter, and said, “Prepare the cabinet.”

Chae Heon said, “Are you preventing dumping of speculative capital?” Chae Lee-Hun asked, “Why are you trying to catch Eugene (Yu Oh)? Why are you folding it?

Chae Lee-heon asked, “Do you want to confirm that my father is wrong with my son?” Chae Lee-Hun recalled his conversation with his father Chae Byung-hak (Jung Dong-hwan). Chae Lee-hun said to his father, who was against the bureaucracy, “I wanted to be recognized by my father as a bureaucracy. I wanted to surpass it.”

Chae Lee-Hun, who recalled this, ran to Hur Jae and said, “There is a condition. Accepted.

Chae-heon, who became the new director, teamed up for the Tobin tax with Cho Hee-bong (Jo Jae-ryong) and Han Sang-min (Choi Woong-min). This led to the formation of a Tobin tax-related team.

Afterwards, Jae-Ho Huh met at the board and attended Bahamas Korea Eugene Han. Heo Jae-heon told Chae-heon, “I have something to say.” Chae-heon pointed out the Bahamas, “some private equity funds are messing up the market.

Eugene pointed out that “the Korean government undermines shareholder value and is on the side of the government. It does not give credibility.” After the meeting, Chae-Heon told Hur Jae, “I distrust the Korean government. I need to get the Blue House cooperation.” I was surprised.

Meanwhile, Na Joon-pyo (CEO Byung-Mo Choi), who was in charge of the director’s office, went to Eugene and told her that she was preparing a Tobin tax in secret. Eugene said that he would think about it and offered to meet with Lee Hye-jun, saying, “I have something to talk about.

Lee Hye-Jun finally went to meet Eugene, and Yu-Jin-Han said, “I am preparing Tobin tax during the top secret, but the director told me about this. Had no.

Lee Hye-Jun reported the Tobin tax story the next day to Chae Lee-Hun and Heo Jae-Ho and Hee-Hee instructed Lee Hye-Joon to join the TF team. Lee accepted this and said, “I’ll find information about Eugene.” 

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