group Momorando Yeon Woo denied the idea of ​​secession.

On the 29th, Momorand MLD Entertainment said in a telephone conversation with the Herald POP, “It is not true that Momorandon is withdrawn, because he missed the schedule recently because he is digging the drama schedule. Chile’s schedule is also known in advance as well as the health reasons for the right wing, “he said.

Earlier in the online community, there was a posting on whether or not Yanwoo would quit. In the article, Yoon-woo recently missed the Momo Land schedule for about a month and raised the suspicion that he attended his friend’s birthday party. It also raised the suspicion that Yanwoo would leave only one article in Momorand’s official fan café and delete it altogether.

On the other hand, Momorland, except for the singer, left for Chile on the 28th for the ‘2019 Momo Land Concert in Chile’ schedule.

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