TV Chosun entertainment ‘Mister Trot’s Taste-After Finals’, broadcast on the 19th, was broadcasted today. 

The protagonists of history began the real, unfinished story of Mr. Trot TOP7. First, Lim Young-woong, who became the glory of Mr. Trot, held a celebration. Earlier, Young-woong Lim said, “I can’t imagine if this will happen in my life, and thank the viewers.” 

After the contest, the real festival began. MC Seong-Joo Kim said, “The final ‘Sun Myeong’, the ‘Mr. Trot’ that excited Korea, was born after a twist and twist. 

From the ‘Jin’ Lim Young-woong, he expressed his impression with Jin’s dignity, saying, “Thanks to the crew who suffered day and night, the biggest thanks are the viewers.” 

Next, I heard Yeongtak’s impression of ‘Sun’. As an official excitement, Young-tak was hotly greeted by showing his charm point once more, saying, “I have a nickname for Takgeolli.” 

‘Mi’ Lee Chan-won said, “Thanks only for such a ranking, I felt the first place in the middle result for a while, but the final gin already knew what other brothers would do.” Had emptied 

4th place Ho-joong Kim said, “I finished with no regrets, and debuted with Tvaroti regardless of the result, and I am satisfied with that.” Delivered.  

“The 24th year of our debut, but three months of the longest singer’s life shined the most,” said Jang Min-ho, 6th place at Trot Shrine. I was delighted. 

Hee-jae Kim, number seven, said, “It was a glorious and grateful time to be transferred from a soldier to a civilian.” That’s why he sang the original song, “Solido,” a song by Seo Ji-o. Kim Hee-jae said, “I wanted to challenge Trot with my own skills. I also confirmed this by broadcasting, and started challenging myself.”

MC Kim Sung-joo released a rare video that he can’t see anywhere, saying, “I will release not only the audition but also the unreleased episode that didn’t go to the main broadcast.” It was when I tried it six months ago. The appearance that has changed significantly from now is eye-catching. 

The most tense moment was depicted as the No. 1 announcement of glory. Im Young-woong, who wore the No. 1 crown, shed tears from the storm. Trot’s campaign, which splendidly ended, and six months of laughing and crying ended. 

After the finals, the Trotman met with family members who had always been silent. The moments of glory that will remain in the hearts of parents are captured in memories. 

Among the undisclosed videos behind the exciting gold-like behind, ‘thigh wrestling’ was released, and the ‘thigh wrestling’ showdown with pride added to the fun. In addition, a dance party was held on the spot due to the confrontation, and Kim Ho-jung was chosen as the constitution. 

We asked the best stages that TOP7 chose. The stage that Kim Hee-jae chose first was ‘Where Love Is.’ He said, “It was the stage where I was most attached to as hard as I was in the worst condition.” Jang Min-ho recalled, saying, “The stage that looked like me the most.” 

Kim Ho-jung chose ‘Thank You’ for the final stage. Kim Ho-joong said, “It was the most meaningful stage as it was a stage completed by dividing the sincerity and passion that I wanted to tell the story of Eunsa.” Jeong Dong-won chose ‘Hope’. However, the production teams sang ‘Love is the Seed of Tears’ and recalled the time when they had a gorgeous stage with a saxophone performance. 

Chanwon Lee cited ‘Jinto Baegi’, which made the current Chanto Baegi in the 101 trial. Jang Yoon-do sympathized that it was a shocking stage, saying, “I felt like I met a master of Jaeya.” 

As expected, Yeongtak chose ‘a glass of rice wine’. Young-Tak said, “My father liked rice wine, and now he is in an uncomfortable state due to cerebral infarction, and he is rehabilitating.” It seems like a song that was loved through, a song that is grateful in many ways. ” 

Lim Young-woong selected ‘The story of an old couple in their 60s’ during the Trot-Aid Ace exhibition. Everyone sympathized by saying, “It was a tear party.”  

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