SBS ‘Full Celebrity Midnight’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 25th dealt with the death of actress Moon Ji-yoon.

Moon Ji-yun, who died of acute sepsis around 8:56 pm on the 18th. According to the officials, Moon Ji-yoon recently suffered severe sore throat and was admitted to the hospital.

Representative Moon Ji-yoon of the agency said, “At the 18th night, I suddenly came to sepsis, and I died at 8:56 pm. It is sudden. Suddenly, it’s hard to think that you’re not there, ”he said.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Ji-woo, and Son Heon-su visited the deceased. Son Moon-soo said to Moon Ji-yun, “I did something that others didn’t want to do. He was a very good friend who always liked good things. Life is too bad. ”

Actor Kim Jae-won also missed Moon Ji-yoon. Moon Ji-yoon and Jaewon Kim appeared together in the 2002 MBC drama ‘Romance’. 

“It was so nice,” said Kim Jae-won. This is a friend who can’t help but feel pretty even if anyone sees it. “It feels sore before my eyes.”

Next, Jaewon Kim said, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t buy it without drinking alcohol before I lived. I should have done it in more works, ”she cried out, saying,“ What will be the reward for where Jiyun is next? ”

Jang Hoon Kim volunteered with hand cleaners and lunch boxes to prevent corona19 to residents of the side villages in Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Then, Jang-hoon Kim saw the fallen citizen and performed CPR alone. At the time, the dispatched paramedics said, “When I arrived and arrived at the scene, Mr. Jang Hoon Kim pressed into the chest and performed CPR. I think Kim Jang-hoon’s quick response was a great help. ” Along with this, a video of Kim Jang-hoon performing CPR was also released. 

Afterwards, Jang Hoon Kim interviewed the production team of ‘Midnight’ and said, “This is like fate. I watched the drama ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu’ a few days ago and suddenly wanted to find out what it was. I confessed, ‘I’ve found a way to do CPR’.

In the meantime, Kim Jang-hoon said, “I think I did it later when I screamed. The moment became eager. I thought I shouldn’t really send it here. ”

In addition, Kim Jang-hoon was surprised to hear “Thank you so much” when he heard the news that the citizens were conscious. He said, “Isn’t it hard for many people these days because of Corona 19? Let’s support everyone. ”

Jo Kwon ended the war on the 24th. Jo Kwon said, “Hwarang. Sergeant Jo Kwon, commanded the whole world as of March 24, 2020. Report it.

Jo Kwon said, “I did my best to fulfill the duty of the defense to the end.” “When the above train went out, I shed my pelvis.”

Kang Daniel made a comeback with his first mini album ‘CYAN’ on the 24th. “I think I practiced the new song for about 5 hours a day,” said Kang Daniel. “The song feels like spring.”

“I try to empty my mind by doing what I was doing,” said Kang Daniel. “It’s good now.”

In addition, an interview with Sung Hoon starring in the movie “ I Love You ” was also released. Sung Hoon made sweet and homemade coffee and revealed a sweet face. Sung Hoon sadly said, “I can’t have a relationship.”

Sunghoon played a truth game as a lie detector. Seonghoon said he wasn’t a bad guy and the truth came out. Then he answered “Yes” to the question “Is there any woman I still can’t forget?”

In addition, Sung Hoon said, “There are no women I am meeting right now.”

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